Screen Level Help

When developing help for applications, it is often the case that each screen or window is connected to a single help topic. That single help topic describes the overall function of the screen or window followed by a list of each field or area on the screen or window. The list contains more information about the function of the field.

These types of topics are sometimes present in the help system, but the help author doesn't want them to be found when the user conducts a general search. Adobe RoboHelp HTML 8 brings a fabulous feature to the table. The ability to flag a topic page as being excluded from Search.

In addition to being excluded from Search, these topics do not typically appear in the Table of Contents structure. Thus, no Breadcrumb Trails are needed.

If you examine the Project Set-up pod, you will find that a Master Page named Screen_Level_Help has been created. This Master Page should assist in guiding you along your journey of creating Screen Level help by providing a framework to use.