Windows used

Perhaps you have already discovered the Windows pseudo folder inside the Project Set-up pod. You may have tried defining a WebHelp window and have grown frustrated when the attributes you specified were seemingly ignored.

When your help has been called from a web page, there are different ways it may be called.

If Simple URLs are used, the Web Application developer has the ability to declare window attributes.

For a more detailed discussion on the different methods used to call WebHelp, preview this topic and click this link. (Internet Connection required)

There have been two windows defined for this Template. One is named WebAppCSH and the other is named WebAppFull. The only time that these windows will actually be used are when the WebHelp API is being used to call your WebHelp. The WebHelp API exists as a JavaScript file. The functions inside the JavaScript file are what makes CSH WebHelp work with the windows we define.