TXLF Editor Perspective

When you open a file for translation or review, you are in the TXLF Editor. The TXLF Editor user interface Translation tab is the main workspace for translation and review and opens by default.

Function Tabs

This bar lists all tabs that fit in your display and are used to access the various tools of the application.

Tools Ribbon

This ribbon contains buttons for the available tools of the active tab that fit in your display.

File Name Tab(s)

This bar lists all open files or a chained file. Each open file shows as a separate tab across this bar.

Table Filters

Use this row to provide the filter criteria and other controls for searches in the open file.

Source Segment

The collection of numbered segments (color coded) that resulted from analyzing the source file(s).

Target Segment

This is the translation work area that includes:

  • Target column where the translation is entered or leveraged from the translation memory

  • Segment Score column contains the TM match score represented as a percentage

  • Status column indicates the status of a segment

  • Verify segment column contains a checkmark , when clicked automatically modifies and commits a 100%, fuzzy or MT match segment

Editor Tabs

In this work area a number of functions are available, including:

  • TM Lookup

  • Notes

  • Segment History

  • Metadata

  • Transcheck


Use this work area for searching and adding terms to terminology lists (glossaries), if enabled.

Additional Tools

This lists tools that do not fit in your display area. This will not be visible if your display area is large enough to accommodate all the available tools.