Table Filter

On the TXLF Editor, the Table Filter shows results based on the selected filter and entered search string.



The Source/Target filter menu options are:

  • Source: searches the source language segments

  • Target: searches the target language segments

  • Source and Target: searches both source and target

  • Source or Target: searches either source or target (default)

  • User attributes: searches the metadata value included in segments

Enables search to be case-sensitive

Enables search of regular expression and wildcard characters

Enter the search string to filter segments

Drop-down list of all available search filter criteria:

  • 100% match segments: segments matching completely in the TM

  • All except 100% and Context match segments: segments with partial TM match, no match, or modified segments

  • All except auto-propagated: all statuses except the segments that are auto-propagated

  • Auto-propagated segments: all auto-propagated matches

  • Committed segments: segments with translated content committed to the TM

  • Context match segments: all 100+% context matches. Context matches provide more refined matches that are based on contextual references in the TM. For example, a segment is considered a context match when the previous and next segments also have a 100% match against the TM

  • Duplicate segments: segments being duplicated in the file

  • Edited source segments: source segments that have changed

  • Empty target segments: segments without a translated target

  • Fuzzy match segments: segments with partial TM match

  • Machine translated segments: segments translated by a machine. This option requires Machine Translation to be enabled in the project

  • Modified segments: all modified segments. By default all modified segments are highlighted in pink

  • No match segments: segments with no match in the TM

  • Segments with Transcheck warnings: segments with Transcheck warning status

  • Segments with history: segments that have been edited and has a segment revision history viewable in the Segment History tab

  • Segments with notes: segments containing comments

  • Segments with repetitions: segments with repeated text strings

  • Short segments: segments of fewer than {#} words, paragraphs or other blocks

  • Unconfirmed segments: segments marked unconfirmed

Apply the selected filter

Add a selection of filters to apply in order of selection

Clear all fields in the Table Filter tool bar and view the original content and sorting

Sort the filtered results by selected criteria where Document is selected by Default

Configure additional table filter options by entering maximum segment filter word count. This option is applied to the Short segments filter