In Analyzing Projects, files for translation are compared to a Translation Memory to leverage reusable content and pre-translate files.

To analyze files:

  1. On the Project Files tab, click Analyze Project.
  2. On the Project Analyze dialog, select the language(s) or file(s) to be analyzed.
  3. Select the Analysis Options as follows (refer to Translation Memory):
    1. Select Pretranslate to create translated TXLF files, including the options:
      • % matches: select the percentage of matches to pre-translate

      • Copy all tags on segments when there is no TM match

      • Copy segment source to target when there is no TM match

      • Do nothing


      Selecting Pretranslate is an optional step. The percentage defines the minimum leverage required to pretranslate a specific segment.

    2. Calculate analysis report percentage by: Words or Segments
    3. Select the format for the output report under Report Settings:
      • Show only analysis report summary

      • Export Report: Enter the Report Name, select the Report Type, and browse and select the Report Location folder

    4. Select the Translation Memory by:
      • Language

      • TM Name

  4. Click Analyze.

    The analysis is completed and the Report File displayed.