Concordance Search

The Translation Memory lookup pane is used to view concordance search results. This search looks for specific source segment text in the translation memory. The results show source and target segments.

To use the concordance search:

  1. On the TXLF Editor, enter a word or phrase in the TM Lookup text box and press Enter or click Find Source or Find Target.

    The TM lookup results are displayed.

  2. To further refine the search, select More Options.

    Case Sensitive

    Filter by case


    Filter for only those terms that appear in the same order

    Automatic Leverage

    TM Lookup pane is updated automatically when navigating to a new segment

    Diff Highlight

    Highlight the difference between source and TM source

    Include Private TU (GLTMS)

    Include private Translation Units in the search for remote GLTMS TMs