Import SDL Package

Using the Import SDL Package option, an SDL Package file can be imported into Wordfast Pro. When an SDL Package file is imported, the source files are converted to the Wordfast Pro compatible format. The translation memories, glossaries and reference file cannot be imported into the project.

To import an SDL package on the Projects tab:

  1. Click Import SDL Package or drag and drop an SDL Package file into the application window.
  2. On the Import Package dialog, click Browse to locate and select the SDL Package file.

    If the SDL Package file contains target languages that are not supported, a warning message is displayed.

  3. Enter the new Project Name.
  4. Browse and select the location to save the new project.
  5. (Optional) Select Open project after importing to open the project automatically after it is imported.
  6. Click Import.

    The SDL Package file is imported. If Open project after importing is selected, the current project view opens and the files for translation are displayed.