Auto-Propagation allows repetitive content in a file to be translated consistently by populating translated segments. In the TXLF Editor, auto-propagation is activated using the Commit or Next Segment actions.

To configure auto-propagation options:

  1. Click Auto-Propagation in the General Preferences group.
  2. Select Enable Auto-Propagation to activate additional auto-propagation options.
  3. Select Enable Auto-Propagation across all open files to apply auto-propagation to all files that are open.
  4. Review the Auto-Propagation options to ensure that those required are the only ones selected as described below.

    Context matches

    Overwrites context leveraged translation memory (TM) matches.

    100% matches

    Overwrites 100% leveraged TM matches.

    Fuzzy matches

    Overwrites partial TM matches.

    Auto-propagated matches

    Overwrites all auto-propagated matches. This means that if there are multiple segments that have the same content, editing one segment auto-propagates the change in all matching segments.

    Edited segments

    Overwrites edited segments. This allows segments that have been edited to be overwritten by Auto-Propagation.

    Machine translated segments

    Overwrites machine translated content.

    Committed segments

    Overwrites translated content that is committed to the TM.