Unconfirm Segment

The Unconfirm / Confirm segment option allows the translator to mark a segment that should not be written to the TM. For example, if the translator wants to check and confirm a segment after referring to some resources, the segment can be marked unconfirmed. Unconfirmed segments are not committed to the TM.

To unconfirm a segment:

  1. On the TXLF Editor, enter a translation or leverage the translation memory.
  2. On the Translation tab, click Unconfirm / Confirm.

    The Unconfirmed icon is displayed next to the segment in the Status column.

  3. To confirm the segment, click Unconfirm / Confirm again.

    The Unconfirm icon is removed from the Status column.


    You can unconfirm and confirm all segments by using the shortcut keys. The shortcut key for unconfirm all is Alt+Shift+Enter and confirm all is Ctrl+Shift+Enter.