Live Preview

In the TXLF Editor, you can generate a dynamic live preview of the translated file. The Live Preview option only works on source MS Word DOC or DOCX files.

To generate a live preview on the TXLF Editor:

  1. On the File tab, select a file with some translated content and click Preview > Live Preview.

    The live preview of the currently open file is displayed. The preview docks to the right of the TXLF Editor by default.

  2. Enter the translation or leverage the TM for any segment and press Alt-Down or click Next Segment under the Translation tab.

    The new translation is displayed in the live preview.


    To view the live preview when working on a segment, click Synchronize Live Preview. You can use this option if you want to view the preview before updating the TM or moving to another segment.

    To view or work on a specific segment, you can click on that segment in the live preview. The cursor is placed in the segment.

    To collapse and expand the live preview, click and respectively.

    To change the position of the live preview, click to display the following options.


    Preview displays in a separate browser tab

    Dock to left

    Preview displays to the left of the TXLF Editor

    Dock to bottom

    Preview displays to the bottom of the TXLF Editor

    Dock to right

    Preview displays to the right of the TXLF Editor by default


    Closes the preview