Manual Activation

If you need to activate Wordfast Pro manually, a License file is emailed to you as an attachment. Extract the attachment and save this license file to your computer.

To register Wordfast Pro offline:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro.
  2. On the Help tab, click License Management.
  3. On the License Manager dialog, click Manual Registration.
  4. Enter the Activation Key and click Generate.

    The text string "Copy the string below..." is displayed in the text box below the instruction text.

  5. Copy this text into an email and send it to the email address provided on the Manual Registration dialog box below the Activation Key field.
  6. Copy the license file that is returned in an email from Wordfast to the computer containing Wordfast Pro.
  7. On the License Manager dialog, click Manual Registration, and browse to the license file.
  8. Select the license file and click OK.
  9. Restart Wordfast Pro.

    The license is now active.


    To resolve any license issues, log in to Wordfast Pro and select Support > Hotline.