Export Package

Using the Export Package option, a complete project package can be shared with other Wordfast Pro users. Refer to Package Files for more information on Package file contents.

To export a package on the Projects tab:

  1. Select the project and click Export Package.
  2. On the Export Package dialog, select the export type:
    • Entire Project: select to export all target languages and their associated resources.

    • Specific target languages and resources: select the Target Language(s) and resources to be included in the export.

      • Source Files

      • TXLF Files

      • Glossaries

      • Translation Memories

      • Reference Files

      • Blacklists

  3. Select a Naming Convention.
    • GLP Name to select a default name

    • Custom Name to enter a name of your choice

  4. Select a location where the Package file will be saved and click Export.

    The exported Package file is built and saved to the selected folder location.