Create Local TM

To create a local translation memory, on the Project TM tab:

  1. Click Create Local.

    The Translation Memory dialog is displayed.

  2. Enter the translation memory information.


    Enter the TM name. It is recommended to enter a name that includes the client or organization name and the TM's language to easily identify it.

    Target Language

    Select the target languages. The target language selection is limited to those configured in the project.


    Enter the location where the new TM will be saved.


    The priority determines the sequence of reference during translation where the Primary TM is referenced first, followed by the Secondary TMs. Only one TM can be selected as primary.


    Select checkbox to use this local TM for the current project.


    Select checkbox to allow users to leverage the TM but not update it with new translation.

  3. Click OK.

    The new translation memory is displayed in the project TM list.