Create Local Glossary

To create a local glossary:

  1. On the Project Terminology tab, click Create Local in the Terminology group.

    The Create Glossary dialog is displayed

  2. Enter the glossary information.


    Enter the glossary name. It is recommended to enter a name that includes a client or organization name and the glossary language to easily identify it.

    Source Language

    The source language is populated based on the project.

    Target Language

    Select the target language for the glossary. The target language selection is limited to those configured in the project.


    Enter the location where the new glossary will be saved.


    Select this checkbox to use this local glossary for the current project.

    Read Only

    Select this checkbox to allow users to leverage the glossary but not update it with new terms.

  3. Click OK.

    The new glossary is displayed in the project terminology list.