Import Glossary

To import a local glossary:

  1. On the Project Terminology tab, click Import Glossary.

    The Import Glossary dialog is displayed.

  2. Select the import File Type:
    • Tab delimited text file (TXT): Wordfast Classic and Wordfast Pro 3 format

    • Term Base eXchange (TBX): This format can be used with other CAT tools

  3. Click Browse to locate and select the Import File.
  4. Select the glossary creation option:
    • Create a new glossary: to import the glossary into a new glossary file

    • Import into existing glossary: to import the glossary into one of the existing glossary files.

      Select the Existing Glossary and the action to be taken If the term already exists.

  5. Select Clear before import to overwrite the existing glossary, and click OK.

    The glossary is imported and is displayed in the project terminology list.