Pseudo Translation

Pseudo translation copies the source content to the target where the content has accented characters and the text is expanded by twenty percent. The pseudo translation provides a preview of what content will be selected as translatable and how complex formatting appears in the target. Both source files and the TXLF files can be pseudo translated.


Up to 20 files can be processed at a time using Wordfast Pro in Demo mode. To pseudo translate more than 20 files, a Wordfast Pro license is required.

To pseudo translate files:

  1. On Quick Tools, click the Pseudo Translation tab.
  2. Select the file type for pseudo translation:
    • TXLF: Select and add a TXLF file

    • Source: Select and add source files, select Source Language, Target Language, and Pseudo translation Options

  3. To add files, do one of the following:
    • Click Add File to browse and select a file from a folder. To add multiple files, press the Ctrl key and select the files.

    • Click Add Folder to browse and select a folder and add all files within.

    • Drag and drop files into the Files pane.

  4. Select the files to be pseudo translated and click Pseudo Translate.

    Only one file type, either TXLF or Source can be selected at a time.

    A Pseudo Translate completed message is displayed.