To customize general and preferences:

  1. Click General in the General Preferences group.
  2. Enter the User Name that will be displayed for Notes, TM, and segment changes.
  3. Modify the general preferences as follows and click OK.

    General Preferences

    Copy Source Files into Source Folder

    Creates a sub folder within the project folder to save source files.

    Add score column to bilingual table

    Select to add TM score to the exported bilingual table.

    Bilingual Review Export: This option allows you to export the TXLF file with highlighted glossary terms into a DOC format and edit using Microsoft Word.

    Open report after export

    Automatically opens the export report in a new browser after the export action.

    Exclude the notes column

    Excludes the notes column from the exported MS Word document.

    Track changes

    Turns on or off, the track changes option in the exported MS Word document.

    Protect document (Word 2003+)

    Write protects the document, allowing users to edit only the target segment content and add notes. The other parts of the document are not writable.