This option allows you to configure segment behavior in the TXLF editor.

To configure segment actions:

  1. Click Segment in the General Preferences group.
  2. Select the segment options as follows.

    Next/Previous Segment action leverages next/previous segment

    Enable or disable the writing and leveraging action of the Next/Previous Segment command.

    Open last edited segment when opening a file

    Go to the last segment edited when a file is opened.

    Leverage the first opened segment on click

    View the Translation Memory leverage of the first open segment when you open a TXLF file for translation.

    Capitalize the first letter of the target segment (Except Asian Languages)

    Translated segment are converted to sentence case, but not for Asian languages.

    Enable Smart Quotes

    Changes the quotation marks to smart quotes. Depending on the target language, the quotation marks used when the user presses the quotation mark keys on the keyboard are changed.

    Skip Unedited 100% Matches

    Enable or disable skipping over those segments with perfect matches.

    Skip Unedited Context Matches

    Enable or disable skipping over those segments with context matching.