This option allows you to configure the tag mode, representation, and font size.

To configure tag options:

  1. Click Tags in the General Preferences group.
  2. The tag options are listed in the following tables. Modify the options as required.

    Text Formatting

    Show supported text formatting

    Show actual formatting associated with formatting tags (when supported). When selected, a preview is displayed.

    Show formatting as Tags

    Show the content of the formatting tags. When selected, a preview is displayed, as shown in the example above.

    Tag Naming

    Full Name

    View full name of the tag. For example, Font.

    Short Name

    View short name of the tag. For example, F.

    Numbered Tags

    View the tag as a number.

    Remove incomplete tag pairs

    Delete incomplete or incorrect tags.

    Apply source segment formatting to target segment

    When the source segment is within a tag, the source segment formatting is applied to the target segment.