Machine Translation

The automated Machine Translation (MT) feature populates translations whenever a file is open or when there are no Translation Memory segment matches.

To enable machine translation:

  1. Click Machine Translation in the General Preferences group.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • Show MT results in TM Lookup when there is no TM match, to show machine translated content when there are no local or remote TM matches.

    • Always show MT results in TM Lookup, to show machine translated content when a segment is leveraged. TM matches appear in TM Lookup with the MT matches.

  3. Select check boxes to allow All unedited segments in active document to be leveraged with MT, and to Remove MT score from score column when segment is edited.
  4. Select Google Translator, Microsoft Translator, or WorldLingo as the primary machine translator. Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, and WorldLingo can all be enabled at one time, but only one can be selected as primary machine translator.
  5. Select the options for each machine translator, and perform any additional tasks as required by the machine translator.



    Enable Google Translator

    Enable Microsoft Translator

    Enable WorldLingo

    Languages are limited to WorldLingo Languages listed below.

  6. Read the disclaimer and click OK.

WorldLingo is limited to the language set listed below:

  • Arabic

  • Chinese Simplified

  • Chinese Traditional

  • Dutch

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Greek

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Swedish