Populating frequents

In the Populating frequents process, the original TXML file is populated by the frequents file containing all translated content.

To populate frequents:

  1. Extract frequents from the files as explained in Extracting frequents.

  2. Open Wordfast Pro 3 and click .
    The PM perspective appears.

  3. Click Populate Freq.
    The Populate Freq window appears.

  4. In the Select Frequents File panel, click to browse to the frequents file created by extracting frequents.

  5. In the Select Original TXML File panel, add the source TXML file(s) for the frequents file

    Click to browse and select files from a folder. To add multiple files, press the Ctrl key and select the files.
    Click to add an entire folder. Once a folder is selected, the following message appears.

    Click Yes to add files recursively. This ensures that all files within a folder, including the files in the sub folders are added.
    The files appear. Files are selected by default when added.

  6. To show the folder path in the report, select Show folder path in the report.

  7. To populate frequents in a new folder, select Populate TXML in new folder.

  8. Click Populate Frequents.
    When the process is complete, a confirmation message appears. The translated content from the frequents file populates the original source TXML file. A Frequents Population Log is generated saved in the same folder as the original source TXML file.