Selecting FrameMaker filter preferences

The FrameMaker filter preferences must be set before using this filter option.

To set FrameMaker filter preferences:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro 3 and click Edit > Preferences > Translations > Filters >Formats.
    The Formats dialog box appears. The default filters appear in the Available Formats box.

  2. Select Format Type as Default MIF Filter.
    The FrameMaker Filter options appear.
    : The MIF versions supported are 8, 9, 10, and 12.

  3. Select the required FrameMaker filter preferences.



    Translate Reference Pages

    send reference pages for translation

    Translate Master Pages

    send master pages for translation

    Translate Variables

    send text marked as variable for translation.

    Translate Cross References

    send text marked as cross reference for translation

    Translate Autonumber Formatting

    send text with number formatting for translation.

    Translate Hidden Conditional Text

    send text marked as hidden and conditional for translation.

    Translate Tab as Text:

    send text containing tab spaces for translation. If unchecked, a tag appears in the TXML instead of the tab.

    Translate Discretionary Hyphen as Tag:

    send text with discretionary hyphens for translation. Discretionary hyphens are part of the source language, and are removed by default. (Hard hyphens are always translated as tags in TXML extraction.) If unchecked, these hyphens will be removed from the file when sent for translation.

    Translate Marker Types

    send text marked with a FrameMaker marker type for translation.

  1. Enter the Marker Type(s) that should be included in the translation.

  2. Enter the Table IDs of the tables in the IDML that should be excluded in the translation.
    : Use comma-separated values for Table IDs that are to be included.

  3. Click Apply and OK, to confirm the FrameMaker filter preferences.