Selecting ICML filter preferences

The InCopy (ICML) filter preferences must be set before using this filter option

To set the ICML filter preferences:

  1. Open Wordfast and click Edit > Preferences > Translations > Filters >Formats.
    The Formats dialog box appears. The default filters appear in the Available Formats box.

  2. Select Format Type as Default ICML Filter.
    The ICML Filter options appear.

  3. Select the properties for the filter.



    Translate Hidden Text

    translate hidden text.

    Translate Line Break as Tag

    add tags to line breaks, resulting in merged segments.

    Translate Locked Layers

    translate text in locked layers.

    Delete Leading

    delete a leading attribute

    Delete Tracking

    delete a tracking attribute

    Translate document properties

    translate a document's properties

    Translate Bookmarks

    translate a document's bookmarks

    Translate Index Topics

    translate a document's index topics

    Translate Index Stories

    translate a document's index stories

    Detect Index Stories

    detect a document's index stories

    BR breaks segment

    treat BR as internal placeable or part of a segment

    Translate Cross Reference Formats

    extract cross references for translation.

    Translate Hidden Layers

    translate hidden layers

  4. Enter the names of the Hidden Layers to be translated.

  5. Select the method for handling tabs: None, Tag or Break.

  6. Select the method for handling line separators: None, Tag or Break.

  7. Enter or browse to the Fontmapping file for the filter.

  8. Rename the filter if desired.

  9. Click OK.