Split/Merge TXML

The Split/Merge option can be used to split or merge a TXML file. The split options available are:

To split/merge files:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro 3 and click .
    The PM perspective appears.

  2. Click Split/Merge.
    The Split/Merge window appears.

  3. Click to browse and select files from a folder. To add multiple files, press the Ctrl key and select the files.
    Click to add an entire folder. Once a folder is selected, the following message appears.

    Click Yes to add files recursively. This ensures that all files within a folder, including the files in the sub folders are added.
    The files appear. Files are selected by default when added.

    You can either split a TXML file or merge multiple TXML files.

Splitting TXML

To split a TXML file:

  1. Select one of the files from uploaded folder as shown in the screenshot below.
    The Split TXML option will be active.

  2. Select one of the split options. TUs are rounded to the nearest block, to avoiding splitting into different files.

  3. Click Split TXML.
    A confirmation message appears.

    The TXML file is split, based on the selected Split options. Split files are saved with suffix -001, -002, et cetera, and placed in the same folder as the source file.

Merge TXML

To merge two or more TXML files:

  1. Select two or more files from uploaded folder as shown in the screenshot below.
    The Merge TXML option will be active.
    : You can merge up to 20 files at a time using Wordfast Pro 3 in Demo mode. If you want to merge more than 20 files you will need to purchase the Wordfast Pro 3 license from www.wordfast.com.

  2. Click Merge TXML.
    The selected file(s) are merged.

    The merged TXML files are placed in the same folder as the source files.
    If the locales of the files to be merged do not match, the following error message appears.