Swap Source/Target

The Swap Source/Target option allows you to swap source with target or vice versa.

To swap source/target:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro 3 and click .
    The PM perspective appears.

  2. Click Swap Src/Tgt.
    The Swap Src/Tgt window appears.

  3. Click to browse and select files from a folder. To add multiple files, press the Ctrl key and select the files.
    Click to add an entire folder. Once a folder is selected, the following message appears.


    Click Yes to add files recursively. This ensures that all files within a folder, including the files in the sub folders are added.
    The files appear. Files are selected by default when added.


    : You can swap up to 20 files at a time using Wordfast Pro 3 in Demo mode. If you want to swap more than 20 files, you will need to purchase the Wordfast Pro 3 license from www.wordfast.com.

  4. Click Swap Source/Target.
    A summary appears. New TXML file(s) with the suffix .swapped.txml is saved at the same location as the source TXML file(s).