Confirming or Unconfirming segments

The Confirm/Unconfirm Segment option allows the translator to mark a segment for future reference. For example, if the translator wants to check and confirm a segment after referring to some resources, he or she can mark the segment and review it at a later stage.


To confirm or unconfirm a segment:

  1. Follow the steps to open a file from section Opening a file.
    The file appears in the Translation window. The first translatable segment will appear in a blue background, and your cursor will be in the target segment by default.

  2. Type or leverage the target segment from the translation memory.
    The target segment will appear.

  3. Click Translation Memory > Confirm/Unconfirm or , to mark the segment.
    A symbol appears next to the segment in the Outline window as shown in the screenshot below.

    : The symbol will disappear only when you click Translation Memory > Confirm/Unconfirm or or Alt+Enter again to confirm the segment. Unconfirmed segments are not committed to the TM when you click Translation Memory > Next Segment, or or press Alt+Down, or click Translation Memory > Commit current segment to TM, or or press Alt+End.