Enabling translation options

Before or during translation, you can enable or disable some generic translation options.

To enable translations specific preferences:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro 3 and click .
    The TXML perspective appears.

  2. Click Edit > Preferences > Translations.
    The Translations dialog box appears.


  3. Enable the following translations options, if required:



    Use ,,smart quotes”

    enable smart quotes. Depending on the target language Wordfast Pro 3 will automatically change the quote (straight or curly)  that is used when the user presses the quote button on the keyboard.

    A non-breaking space (&nbsp) will be added before the following punctuation when the target language is French-France (fr-FR):
    :, ;, <<, >>, !, ?, %, $, #, €

    Disable segment not committed to TM warning

    disable the warning that appears when a translated segment is not committed to the TM before moving to the next segment.

    Disable commit fuzzy segments to TM warning

    disable the warning that appears when a fuzzy or partial match segment is committed to the TM.

    Disable target overwrite warning

    disable the warning that appears when a target segment is overwritten.

    Merge across paragraphs

    enable segments from adjacent paragraphs to merge. A paragraph tag appears between segments merged from different paragraphs, in source and target.

    Track segment change revisions

    track revisions to segments. Selected by default.

    Next segment (TM Commit) shortcut leverages next segment

    use the Next Segment shortcut to leverage the next segment. Selected by default.