Finding and replacing content

You can find and replace the translated content using the find and replace option.


To find and replace content:

  1. Follow the steps to open a file from section Opening a file.
    The file appears in the Translation window.

  2. Click Edit > Find/Replace or press Ctrl+F.
    The Find/Replace dialog box appears.


  3. Type the content in the Find and Replace with fields.

  4. Enable the following options, if required:


    to find and replace...



    content after of the cursor location.


    content before of the cursor location.



    source segments only.


    target segments only.

    Source and Target

    both source and target segments.


    Case sensitive

    content with matching case.

    Whole word

    whole words only.

    Wrap search

    starting from and returning to the start location.

    Ignore non-breaking space

    content containing non-breaking spaces, and ignore the non-breaking space.


    From cursor

    from the cursor location to end of the file.

    Current file

    from the beginning to the end of the current file only.

    Open files

    in all open files.

  5. Click Find to find the first instance of the content or click Replace All to replace all instances.

  6. Click Replace/Find to replace the searched content and find the next instance, or click Replace to replace the searched content only.
    Drag content from source to target (drag-and-drop) .