Using Transcheck

The Transcheck option verifies certain elements in the target segments and warns you about missing or incorrect text or variables. For example, if you do not insert a tag or type incorrect text, a warning signal will appear before the target segment. You will be able to view the warning on mouse over.


Find below the procedures for the following tasks:

Enabling Transcheck

To enable Transcheck:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro 3 and click .
    The TXML perspective appears.

  2. Click Edit > Preferences > Translations > Transcheck.
    The Transcheck dialog box appears.


  3. Select Enable Transcheck checkbox.

  4. Select Transcheck during translation checkbox, if you want Transcheck to be activated before the translation is updated to the TM.

  5. To check for specific errors in the target segments, select the different Configuration options.
    The options available are:


    to check...


    the character count between the source and target segments.

    Empty target

    for empty target segments.

    Numerical Check

    if the numerals in the source segment match the target segment. The numbers with hyphens will be read as two separate numbers.


    for missing tags in the target segments.

    Forbidden Characters

    check if the target segment includes forbidden characters.


    for consistency in punctuation between source and target segments.

    Note: The punctuation transcheck only works on end of segmentation punctuation.


    check if the untranslatable content in source and target segments is consistent.

    Copied Source Check

    if the source segment has been copied to the target segment.

    Terminology Check

    if the terms in the source segment are translated correctly based on the glossary.


    if the target segment includes blacklisted terms.

    Note: The blacklisted term list must be a tab-delimited file.

    First word capitalization Check

    if the first word of each segment is capitalized.

  1. Choose the display option from the drop down list. You can view Transcheck as an error or warning.

  2. Click OK.
    The Transcheck option is enabled.

Configuring Transcheck

To configure individual Transcheck options:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro 3 and click .
    The TXML perspective appears.

  2. Click Edit > Preferences > Translations > Transcheck.
    The Transcheck dialog box appears.


  3. In the left pane, under Transcheck, select the following options:


    to ...

    Consistency check

    ignore differences in  case, whitespace, tags and numbers.

    Copied Source Check

    check segments in upper case.

    Forbidden Characters check


    add, edit or remove Forbidden Characters to the check.


    treat numbers with hyphens or dashes as single numbers.


    enter the minimum and maximum % of allowed character count for the target segment.


    add, edit or remove punctuation characters to the check.


    select options for checking the glossary used in the translation.


    add, edit or remove content that should not be translated, such as a company name.


Viewing Transcheck warning

To view Transcheck warning:

  1. Follow the steps to open a file from section Opening a file.
    The file appears in the Translation window.

  2. Type the target segment.
    A warning message and a warning signal appear before the target segment as shown in the screenshot below.


  3. Point to the warning signal with the mouse.
    The text in the warning appears as shown in the screenshot below.

    : The Transcheck warning appeared because the first letter in the first word of the target segment was not capitalized. The warning disappears when the segment is corrected as shown in the screenshot below.