Using notes

While translating or reviewing translated content, you have the option of adding notes specific to each segment. Find below the procedures for the following tasks:

Adding notes

To add a note:

  1. Follow the steps to open a file from section Opening a file.
    The file appears in the Translation window. The first translatable segment will appear in a blue background, and your cursor will be in the target segment by default.

  2. Click the Notes tab.

  3. Place your cursor in the segment where you want to add a note.

  4. Click Add under the Notes tab or select Edit > Add Note... or click .
    The Add Note dialog box appears.


  5. Select the type of note.

    Note: The last option selected appears at the top of the list. The last option selected is the default type for the next new note.

  6. Enter the note in the box and click OK.
    The note appears in the Notes tab and an 'i' symbol appears next to the segment in the Outline window as shown in the screenshot below.

Editing notes

To edit notes, click Edit in the Notes tab, select Edit > Edit Note... or right-click the note in the Notes tab and select Edit Note or click .

Deleting notes

To delete notes, click Delete in the Notes tab, select Edit > Delete Note... or right-click a note in the Notes tab and select Delete Note or click . To delete all notes, select all notes and click Delete.

Exporting notes

To export notes in Word format,

  1. Click Export Notes in the Notes tab.
    The Save As dialog box appears:
    By default, notes are saved to the same folder that contains the original files.

  2. Click Save.
    The following message appears.

    The notes are formatted as a Word table, as shown in the screenshot below.