Chain Files

Multiple files can be combined and viewed as one file using Chain Files. For example, if you are translating ten files with ten segments each, these files can be chained into one file of 100 segments.

To chain files into one file:

  1. On the Project Files tab, select the files to be chained and click Chain Files.

    The chained file opens in the Translation tab with a default name "Chained Files 1". In the ID column, the segments from each file are sequentially numbered and highlighted in a unique background color.

  2. Click in any segment.

    The file name changes from the chained name to the source file name of the active segment.

  3. Translate and review the segments. At the end of a file in the set, you can see a file divider and the segment ID restarts at 1.
  4. Press Ctrl+S or click Save on the File tab to save the chained file.

    When the chained file is saved, the segments are restored to their original files and the chained format is not retained.


Chained files can only be opened in the TXLF Editor. You can open and work on multiple sets of chained files. Chained files cannot be exported and saved as a single TXLF file. The Get Bilingual Table option can be used to download the chained files as one document.