Basic menu options

The Wordfast Aligner basic menu options are as follows:




New Project (Ctrl+N)

create a new project.

Open Project (Ctrl+O)

open an existing project.

Open Document (Ctrl+D)

open a document.

Save Document (Ctrl+S)

save the currently open document.


close currently open project or document.


exit from the tool.


Align All

align all segments in the document.

Align Down

align all segments below the cursor position.

Align Up

align all segments above the cursor position.

Reset Alignment

remove existing alignment.

Reset Manual Links

remove existing manual alignment.

Reset System Links

remove existing system generated alignment.

Reset Alignment Up

remove all alignment above the cursor position.

Reset Alignment Down

remove all alignment below the cursor position.


Increase Font

increase the font size.

Decrease Font

decrease the font size.

Previous Document

navigate to the previous document.

Next Document

navigate to the next document.

Project Explorer

View or hide the Project Explorer tab.


Disable Sync Scroll

enable or disable sync control. This option highlights the source and the corresponding target segment(s).

Export TM

export the aligned documents to create a Wordfast TM.

Options (Ctrl+Alt+L)

edit manual and system JDiagram link color, choose TM Export Format and edit fonts based on locales.


Online Help

view the online help.

About Wordfast Aligner

view build and version details for Wordfast Aligner.