Using shortcut icons

Wordfast Aligner includes a number of shortcut icons that help you quickly complete common tasks. Find below a list of all the shortcut icons available in Wordfast Aligner and their functionality.




create a new project.


open an existing project.


open a document.


save the currently open document.

align all segments in the document.

align all segments above the cursor position.

align all segments below the cursor position.

remove existing alignment.

remove existing manual alignment.

remove existing system generated alignment.

remove all alignment above the cursor position.

remove all alignment below the cursor position.

remove selected alignment link.

enable or disable sync control. This option highlights the source and the corresponding target segment(s).

export the aligned documents to create a  Wordfast TM.

refresh the project aligner. This option saves changes and reloads the open projects.

increase the font size.

decrease the font size.

navigate to the previous document.

navigate to the next document.