March 2015

Wordfast Wire #2

New Release - 3.4.3
A new version of Wordfast Pro is available for download here:
New features include segment ID highlighting to indicate paragraphs, option to start and end Excel translations on specific rows, option to enable or disable next segment leverage when performing Next Segment (Alt+Down) action, and an improved status bar to show segment and paragraph character counts. There were also some minor fixes. Click here to see the release notes.

Wordfast Anywhere has also updated its login screen to make it more secure and attractive.

Tool Tips

Wordfast Anywhere
You can use the Advanced Document Management feature (under the File menu) to upload multiple files at a time. You can also create sub-folders for the files.
Advanced Document Management Window
Wordfast Classic
Translating Excel and Powerpoint files is no longer supported in the most recent version of MS Office (2013). Here is a workaround proposed by Dominique Pivard. Please note that the video is almost three years old and the bilingual export file is now a Word doc as opposed to an RTF file. Otherwise, an even easier solution (besides using Wordfast Pro) might be to use Wordfast Anywhere for free.

Wordfast Pro
Use the Transcheck report feature in the PM Perspective (PMP) to include a quality control step in your translation process. As opposed to the error-by-error stop and go behavior of Transcheck in the TXML Editor perspective, the PMP Transcheck generates a report that allows you to quickly scan for errors and take corrective action if necessary.
Transcheck report image

Conference Highlights

If you are still debating whether you should attend the Wordfast Forward User Conference, we have some more info to help you decide and have updated the conference website accordingly.

The conference features a series of sessions including Wordfast Pro Migration, Wordfast Server Set-up, Quality Assurance, Terminology Services, and Wordfast as a Marketing Tool. Just imagine how rewarding it will be talking to speakers, developers, tech support, and fellow attendees. 
Latvian traditional dancersYou are also invited to attend the Cocktail Get-together Thursday evening, the Friday Latvia Gala Dinner at Kalku Varti as well as the Saturday Farewell Dinner at LIDO, a restaurant adored by locals and visitors alike.

Free Webinars and Training

Thanks to everyone who attended the first Wordfast Sandbox free webinar last month. We’ve listened to your feedback and decided to host separate sessions for different tools. The next sandbox will take place on March 9th at 16:00 GMT and be dedicated to Wordfast Pro. Please register to attend this free event and submit your questions in advance by clicking here.

Please see the sidebar for information about and links to in-person and online training opportunities offered by independent trainers.

Upcoming Events

March 9, 16:00 GMT
Free Webinar

March 10, 8:00-11:00 GMT
Online (Italian)

March 11
Mainberg, Germany

March 20, 8:00-11:00 GMT
Online (English)

May 28-31  
Riga, Latvia

Fun Facts about Latvia

Riga is the best preserved showcase of Art Nouveau. The Center of Riga is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in part for its Art Nouveau architecture.

Arvids Blumentals was born in Latvia in the small town of Dundaga and was the inspiration behind the Crocodile Dundee movies.

Arvids Blumentals

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