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Issue 07 | April 2017
Wordfast Wire #07


Wordfast Pro 5 is now available for download!

Wordfast ProWhat’s new? The most important changes from Wordfast Pro 4 are related to under-the-hood performance improvements and a new, sleeker skin. We also introduced a new target-only PDF preview function that will be improved in the coming year to include click-back and live update functionality. 

If you already use Wordfast Pro 4, the only other noticeable user interface change is the reorganization of settings in the preferences menu.

If you are still using Wordfast Pro 3, you can upgrade to Wordfast Pro 5 for free. You can also install both 3 and 5 on the same computer. Check out our wiki article about organizing your linguistic assets and migrating from 3 to 5. 

WFP5 will replace WFP4 on a PC. On a Mac, both 4 and 5 can be installed, though this is not by design.

IMPORTANT: If you activated your WFP4 license before January 2017, WFP5 may revert to demo mode when you install it. Please try re-entering your WFP4 activation key. If that does not work or you no longer have it, please log in to your user account at and regenerate an activation key. For more info about how to generate an activation key, please see this wiki article.

Tool Tips

change user name

Wordfast Pro

By default, WFP5 takes your computer user ID and uses it as your user name when writing segments to your translation memory (TM). You can now change this under the General Preferences if you need to use a different user name.
Custom tab settings

Wordfast Anywhere

Do you regularly use icons during your translation session and get annoyed having to constantly switch tabs? You can define a Custom tab with your favorite icons in Wordfast Anywhere. To do this, go to WFA configuration > Pandora’s Box > 15. Custom Tab settings. 
custom user interface

Wordfast Classic

You can also customize the user-interface for Wordfast Classic. Open up the WFC configuration, go to the Setup tab, then the UI tab. Select the icons you want to see on your icon toolbar. It’s that easy!

Wordfast Forward 2017 

It’s not too late! You can still join users, developers, tech support, and special guests from more than 20 countries for the 3rd annual Wordfast Forward user conference that will take place in Varna, Bulgaria from May 11-14, 2017.
We’ve also scheduled a pre-conference beginner’s training on Wordfast Pro 5…
Register today to Exchange, Compare, & Build with us in Varna!

Wordfast Forward collage

Training Opportunities 

Click here to see current training opportunities organized by independent trainers around the world.
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