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Save the Date for WFF19

Wordfast Forward 2019

Mark your calendars for the 5th annual Wordfast user conference: March 21 - 23 in Martinique! Next year’s conference is shaping up to be THE most exceptional one so far and for several reasons:
  • After 4 years on the old continent, we’re finally heading to the new world
  • We will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary and the party will be massive
  • There will be a kids’ program, so you can bring the whole family
  • You will be on a stunningly beautiful island in the Caribbean, what more could you ask for?!?
Registration will open soon, but you might want to book your flights while round-trip tickets are still dirt cheap:
  • From Montreal: €358 (Air Transat)
  • From Paris: €358 (XL Airways)
  • From New York: €209 (Norwegian)
  • From Miami / Fort Lauderdale: €209 (Norwegian)
Mark yourself as GOING or INTERESTED on the WFF19 Facebook event page for special promotions and updates.

See you for this tropical transition in March 2019!

Latin America Roadshow

Sign up today for the Latin American Tour 2018. Hurry as some events have almost reached capacity: This is your chance to network with other Wordfast users, learn tips and tricks to better leverage Wordfast Pro, and up your translation game!

Software Updates

Wordfast Pro News

Wordfast Pro 5.5 is now available for download from our website! You can also choose to automatically update the next time you open Wordfast.
New features, improvements, and bug fixes include:
  • Improved TM lookup column to be adjusted to any specific width
  • Implemented language detection for bilingual files such as TXML, TTX, MQXLIFF, SDLXLIFF file formats
  • Implemented reuse TM and Glossary from different project in Current project view
  • Improved analysis report for Japanese and Chinese language projects
  • Implemented smart punctuations as part of smart quotes for FR and ES languages
  • Added warnings during installation on cloud synchronization of project resources and TM re-indexing warning
For the full release notes, please visit our website.


Wordfast Anywhere News

We are currently in the process of switching the bilingual file format on WFA from TXML to TXLF. This is a behind-the-scenes upgrade so you won’t notice much difference. However, this will afford greater compatibility and interconnectivity with WFP5, including package support. The migration should be completed sometime this fall.

Wordfast Server News

You can now generate your own license key for your Wordfast Server installation by logging into your user account at wordfast.net.
The latest version of WFS now also tells you how many more days are left on your license and the number of concurrent connections your license is good for. You can find this information by double clicking the Activate button under the Setup tab (General).


Wordfast Classic News

Version 7 is now publicly available as Release Candidate 4, and is fit for production.
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