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New Release, Features & Notes

Wordfast Pro 8.6

We will be releasing Wordfast Pro 8.6 imminently. Most of the bug fixes and improvements are minor except for one: the default location for imported packages. Until now, when you import a Wordfast package (.glp extension), the import wizard would offer to create the project in the same location as the package. As of version 8.6, the default location will be the projects folder in your WordfastPro folder.

Furthermore, if you change this location, the last selected location will be remembered when importing future packages.

Wordfast Classic Context MT (CMT)

The latest version of Wordfast Classic now includes a context machine translation feature. When you start your translation session, Wordfast Classic will submit your entire file for machine translation. It then aligns the MT results with your source file and creates a temporary TM. This temporary TM will only be used when translating this file. This feature leads to better disambiguation when terms have multiple meanings. See the Wordfast Classic manual for more details.

Release Notes

We recently added the Wordfast Server release notes to our release notes page. If your organization has deployed Wordfast Server, one major improvement has been the addition of a double index which now allows you to run concordance search on target text.

User Conference Survey

We have a shortlist of locations for next year’s Wordfast Forward user conference, thanks to the feedback from past participants. If you would like to attend the 2024 edition and have a say in where it happens, please complete our one-question survey:

WFF24 location survey

Training Offers

We have scheduled an online, beginners’ training in Spanish for Wordfast Pro in August and an online, beginners’ training in English for Wordfast Anywhere.

Please click on the training below for more details:


Apply the discount code wfwire14 when registering for either of these trainings and save $10!

Upcoming Events

We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming translation conferences:

If you plan to attend the ATA conference in Miami, mark your calendar: our annual user appreciation party will take place on Friday night!

International Decade of Indigenous Languages

On December 18, 2019, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) proclaimed the period 2022-2032 as the International Decade of Indigenous Languages to preserve, revitalize, and promote indigenous languages.

Around that same time, members of JCI—a youth leadership organization partnered with the UN—wrote a book called The Little King Jay C.I. and managed to translate it into 221 languages, making it the one of the world’s most translated literary works. This book espouses the virtues of civic engagement and community service and is now a part of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. By the end of the decade, project stakeholders intend to print copies of each language and offer them as a gift to the UN library in New York.

Because Wordfast is aligned with the values promoted by this book and its role in preserving, revitalizing and promoting indigenous languages, we have decided to offer free Wordfast licenses to anyone who translates or revises it into any of the missing languages. If you are interested in being part of this project, please contact John for more details.