Transcheck Report

The Transcheck option verifies the target segments and warns about a variety of common errors in segments. Refer to Transcheck.

A Transcheck report can be run for one or all files of a project.

To open and run a Transcheck Report on the Project Files tab:

  1. Click Transcheck Report.
  2. On the Project Transcheck dialog, select the language(s) or file(s) to be checked.
  3. Select the Transcheck Tests to be completed. Refer to Transcheck for more information on each Transcheck test.

    The Consistency check is only accessible through the Project Transcheck dialog. There are two types of consistency checks:

    • Source consistency check: searches for segments with same target translation but the source segments have differences.

    • Target consistency check: searches for segments with same source segments but the target translations have differences.

    The differences such as, case, numbers, tags, and whitespace to check consistency in source and target can be ignored by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.

  4. Enter the Report Name and browse and select the Report Location folder.
  5. (Optional) Select the Glossary or Blacklist to be used during Transcheck.

    If the Terminology Check or Blacklist Check tests are enabled, verify that a glossary and blacklist are selected.

  6. Click Run Transcheck.

    The Report Summary is displayed and the report is saved to the chosen location.