Transcheck searches a translation for missing or incorrect text or variables. Transcheck configuration is specific to a given project. For example, if a tag is missing or incorrect text was entered, a warning symbol is displayed in the Status column.

To select Transcheck options:

  1. Click Transcheck in the New Project Preferences group.

    The Transcheck options are displayed. In the following image only the base options are shown. Many options present additional related options when they are selected.

  2. To control how Transcheck checks target segments, select the different configuration settings as described below.

    Transcheck segments while translating

    Check to enable Transcheck during translation.

    Select/Deselect All

    Check to enable all of the following options.

    Blacklist Check

    Check if the target segment includes blacklisted terms.

    Note: The blacklisted term list must be a tab-delimited file. This check is available depending on the TMGR configuration for the project. Refer to Blacklist Check.

    Capitalization Check

    Check differences in capitalization. To configure this option, refer to Capitalization Check.

    Edited Context Match Check

    Check if context matches from the TM were edited.

    Edited Exact Match Check

    Check if exact matches from the TM were edited.

    Edited Source Check

    Check if the source of a segment was edited.

    Empty Target Check

    Check for segments containing no translation.

    Forbidden Character Check

    Check if the target segment includes forbidden characters. Refer to Forbidden Character Check.

    Mistranslated Text Check

    Check if a segment has common translation errors. This generates a report that lists the correct and wrong usage of translated text. Refer to Mistranslated Text Check.

    Note Check

    Check if notes exist in a segment. This generates a report of segments with notes. When Transcheck is run in the TXLF Editor, an alert is displayed for every segment that has notes.

    Number Difference Check

    Check if the numerals in the source segment match the target segment. Refer to Number Difference Check.

    Paragraph Length Check

    Check if the target paragraph length has exceeded the maximum character length set for the paragraph.

    Punctuation Check

    Check for consistency in punctuation between source and target segments. Refer to Punctuation Check.

    Repeated Word Check

    Check for repeated words in the translation.

    Segment Length Check

    Check if the translation complies with preset limits on characters and words. Refer to Segment Length Check.

    Extended Punctuation Check

    Check for consistency in extended punctuation between source and target segments.

    Copied Source Check

    Check for copied source text in the target. Refer to Copied Source Check.

    Spelling Check

    Check spelling as the translation is entered. Refer to Spell Check.


    If the spell check language is not available, a message is displayed informing the user that Transcheck will continue but a spell check will not take place.

    Tag Check

    Check for missing tags in the target segments. Refer to Tag Check.

    Terminology Check

    Check if the terms in the source segment are translated correctly based on the terminology list. Refer to Terminology Check.

    Unconfirmed Segment Check

    Check if segment is marked unconfirmed.

    Unedited Exact Check

    Check if exact matches were not edited.

    Unedited Fuzzy Check

    Check if fuzzy matches were not edited.

    Unedited MT Check

    Check if machine translated matches were not edited.

    Untranslatable Text Check

    Check if the untranslatable content in source and target segments is consistent. Refer to Untranslatable Text Check.

    Untranslated Text Check

    Check if any segments are not translated; for example, if Copy Source was used to enter translation.

    Whitespace Check

    Check for mismatched or double white spaces in the target segment. Refer to Whitespace Check.

  3. Click OK.

    The Transcheck configuration is complete and active for the current project.