Bilingual Export

The Bilingual export option allows you to export the TXLF file with highlighted glossary terms into a DOC format and edit using Microsoft Word. Bilingual export and import can also be done outside the Projects dashboard by using the Quick Tools. Refer to Bilingual Export and Bilingual Import.

To complete bilingual export of TXLF files on the Project Files tab:

  1. On the Project Files tab, select a file or multiple files by pressing the Ctrl key, and click Bilingual Export.

    Files that are open in the TXLF Editor cannot be selected for Bilingual Export. If glossaries are available, the exported document will have highlighted source terms and target terms in comments. The Bilingual Export Options must be selected in Preferences > General Preferences > General. Refer to Bilingual Export.

  2. On the Select bilingual file location dialog, select the folder to save the bilingual exported Word documents.

    The log is displayed. This log and the exported documents are saved in the selected folder.

    A sample of the bilingual export is given below.