View TM Leverage Results

Translation Memory leverage search occurs automatically, as a user navigates through the segments, to provide the users with the best possible full segment matches from the TM. It is also the only search that uses scoring to decide which match is the best.

To view TM leverage results in TM Lookup:

  1. On the TXLF Editor, click in any of the source or target segments.

    The TM Lookup tab is populated with TM leverage results.

  2. You can view the following TM leverage details:


    The source column shows source segment from the TM. The source is highlighted in red and green only if there is a difference of source segment with respect to the TU present in the TM.


    The target segment from the TM.


    The TM leverage score. The scores are denoted as follows:

    • Percent (%): 100% and fuzzy matches

    • Plus (+): Context matches

    • Asterisk (*): Secondary TM match

    • Red outline around score box: TU has penalties

    Refer to TM Color Codes for more information on TM color codes.

    TM Name

    The name of the TM that was leveraged. If multiple TMs are leveraged, then the primary TM leverage will appear first, followed by secondary TMs.

    Creation Date

    The date when the translation unit (TU) was created in the TM.

    Creation User

    The user who created the TU.

    Last Modified

    The date when the TU was last modified.

    Modification User

    The user who modified the TU.

    Custom Attribute

    Attribute name and values for a TU

    Click to view the TM Lookup Info dialog box which displays the translation unit and score breakdown information including penalties.


    You can modify the columns displayed by clicking on one column head and selecting the checkboxes.