Cleaning up and updating translation memory

The Cleanup process creates final target files for the translation, in the source formatting, and reports the number of segments cleaned, errors, and TM update results, if a TM is selected to update during cleanup.

To clean up and update TM:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro 3 and click .
    The PM perspective appears.

  2. Click Cleanup.
    The Cleanup window appears.

  3. Click to browse and select files from a folder. To add multiple files, press the Ctrl key and select the files.
    Click to add an entire folder. Once a folder is selected, the following message appears.

    Click Yes to add files recursively. This ensures that all files within a folder, including the files in the sub folders are added.
    The files appear. Files are selected by default when added.

    : You can clean up to 20 files at a time using Wordfast Pro 3 in Demo mode. If you want to clean up more than files you will need to purchase the Wordfast Pro 3 license from

  4. Select Update TM check box for updating files to a TM. (Optional).

  5. Select the translation memory.
    : You will need to add at least one TM before cleaning up files. To add a local or remote TM, click TM Preferences. Go to Creating or opening a TM for more information.

  6. Select an Update option. The options are as follows:



    Overwrite existing TU (default)

    overwrite the existing translation unit.

    Do not overwrite TU

    not overwrite existing translation unit.

    Overwrite if attributes are identical

    overwrite the existing translation unit only if custom attributes for new and existing translation units are identical.

    Do not add to TM

    not add to the translation memory.

  7. Select Add Attributes checkbox, to enter custom attributes for the translation unit.

  8. Select Add File Name as Attribute, to add file name as a custom attribute.

  9. Select Overwrite private TUs (WFServer TM Only), to overwrite private TUs with public TUs. Note: All workgroup ID TUs will be overwritten with public TUs.

  10. Write Unconfirmed segments is selected by default, to allow unconfirmed segments to be written to the TM. Deselect the option if required.

  11. Select format for the output report. You have two options:

  12. Click Cleanup.
    A Cleanup report appears, showing the results of the cleanup and any errors.