Leveraging repetitive content

The leveraging repetitive content option can be used when there are repetitive segments in a file. For example, if there are multiple instances of the phrase "Our Process" then the translator needs to type the translation only once. The remaining segments are leveraged automatically. To use this feature you must enable the Auto Propagation option. For more information, refer to Enabling Auto Propagation.


To leverage repetitive content:

  1. Follow the steps to open a file from section Opening a file.
    The file appears in the Translation window. The first translatable segment will appear in a blue background, and your cursor will be in the target segment by default.

    : There are three instances of the source segment "Auto Prop".

  2. Type the target segment for the first instance.
    The typed target segment will appear in a pink background as shown in the screenshot below.


  3. Select Translation Memory > Next Segment or click or press Alt+Down.
    The typed target segment is saved to the TM and the subsequent repetitive segments are leveraged. The segments appear in an orange background as shown in the screenshot below.

    : The remaining two instances of "Auto Prop" are translated automatically.