Getting started with Wordfast Pro 3

This section includes basic information that will help you get started with Wordfast Pro 3.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements are:

Installing and activating Wordfast Pro 3

To install Wordfast Pro 3:

  1. Download Wordfast Pro 3 from the Wordfast webpage ( to your computer.

  2. Open Wordfast Pro, and run the installer.
    The Wordfast Pro 3 Demo Mode appears.

    : Wordfast Pro 3 requires a Java JRE to be installed on your PC. During installation, if Java JRE does not exist, it will be installed for you. If it exists, then Wordfast Pro 3 will refer to it when running.
    In the Demo Mode, you can view and test all the functions of the software. You can purchase a Wordfast Pro 3 license from the webpage
    If you do not purchase a license, you are limited to storing up to 500 translation units in your translation memories.

  3. Go to Help > License Management.
    The Activation Dialog appears.

  4. Copy the Install number as it appears in the Activation Dialog box.

  5. Log in to the Wordfast website with your email address and password.

  6. Paste the Install number from the Activation Dialog box in the field Your Wordfast Professional Install Number. Alternatively, right-click the link appearing on the Confirmation Page, and save the target as. The license file has a .lic file extension. Save the file in a secure location.

  7. Open Wordfast Pro, and go to Help > License Management.

  8. Click License Manager.

  9. Click Re-install a License Certificate.

  10. Click Next > Browse, and browse to the .lic file.

  11. Click Open > Next > Next > Finish.

  12. Restart Wordfast Pro 3.
    The license is active. If you have any problems with the license and require support, please log into the Wordfast Pro 3 support hotline at Alternatively, refer to the Wordfast wiki page, How to license Wordfast Pro.

Opening Wordfast Pro 3

To open Wordfast Pro 3, there are two options:

Double-click the Wordfast Pro 3 shortcut on the desktop.


Go to Start Menu > All Programs > Wordfast > Wordfast.

The Wordfast Pro 3 homepage appears. Wordfast Pro opens in TXML Editor perspective.

Wordfast Pro 3 homepage

The Wordfast Pro 3 homepage is the work space for translators to work on translation projects. The homepage directs you to two perspectives: