* Microsoft Surface Pro users download Windows – Surface Pro edition in WF Pro 4 downloads

* If you get a warning that the signature of this program is corrupt or invalid, please ignore the warning and go to View Downloads, right click on the downloaded file and click on Run Anyway, or go to the installer download location and execute the installer. This warning generally appears if you download the file with a Microsoft Edge browser.

Try Before You Buy!
Wordfast offers a full-featured demo version that runs without a paid license for translation memories (TMs) of up to 500 translation units, making it possible to use Wordfast on actual translation projects before you decide to purchase. You can also register for a 30-day, fully functional trial license in case you have TMs that exceed this limit by clicking here. If you choose to purchase a license, your software will be released from demo mode, and it will then support TMs of any size. Download your free demo version today!

* Please update Java here for Mac OSX Yosemite users.

** Please click here for previous versions of Wordfast Pro.

*** Please click here to see Wordfast Pro release notes.