Release Notes

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Wordfast Pro 5.1.1 Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with TXLF backwards compatibility


Wordfast Pro 5.1.0 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • New Project Creation wizard which allows for faster project creation
  • New Segment Statistics that counts segment and paragraph characters w/ max segment length indicator
  • Updated Completion Status calculation based on number of translated source words
  • Live Preview support for DOC/DOCX files
  • Added ability to import TMs during project creation
  • Added ability to add TMs from other project during project creation
  • Added ability to pre-translate with Primary MT for no match segments during project creation
  • Added ability to import SDLXLIFF files within SDL packages
  • Added filter option to change SDL segment statuses to “Translated”
  • Added option to use auto-propagation for context matches (Default is off)
  • Added ability filter segment by segment and paragraph metadata
  • Project Folders are now created next to GLP files by default
  • Term mouse over now shows all source and target attributes
  • Separated write unedited fuzzy and write unedited exact matches when writing to TM
  • Ability to create projects with TXLF files and have all updates done to those files
  • Added support for MemoQ files
  • Formatting option are disabled for non Office files


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue where temp files were locked by OS and could not be deleted
  • Fixed issue with extra whitespace added to target segment when selected text is edited with new text
  • Fixed issue with analysis not showing percentage based on words
  • Fixed issue where cursor focus is not moved to segments after applying filters to editor table
  • Fixed issue where Translate All does not populate matches after a problematic segment is searched for
  • Fixed issue where shortcuts are updated but changes are not remembered
  • Fixed issues where certain PPT and PPTX files could not be added to a project
  • Fixed issue that caused text formatting to persist after deletion
  • Fixed issue where edit source action was not appearing on the segment it was clicked on
  • Fixed issue with selecting words in source after enabling show whitespaces
  • Fixed issue where not all files are removed from the cleanup tab when all files are selected
  • Fixed issue with terms copied to target when terms are next to punctuation
  • Fixed issue with TM corruption after committing certain segments to TM
  • Fixed issue where a NBSP was getting pasted in Word as a character
  • Fixed issue where mouse over was not showing tag content accurately 
  • Fixed issue with the display of the target column in bilingual table preview
  • Fixed Find and Replace issue where a tooltip would block the cursor
  • Fixed issue where curly quotes were causing false positives in Transcheck for en-CA
  • Fixed issue that caused Undo action to be disable after Copy All Sources action
  • Fixed issue where all exact TUs are deleted when one of the duplicates was deleted in TM Admin
  • Fixed issue with translation disappearing from target segments when scrolling through the file
  • Fixed issue where spell-check red underline disappears unexpectedly
  • Fixed issue where Google or Microsoft MTs can be enabled without a API key
  • Fixed issue that caused Secondary TM marking (asterisk) to disappear from the score column 


Known Issues

  • TXLF Editor columns gets hidden when windows display settings are set to 125%
  • Wordfast application crashes on startup for OSX 10.12.x
  • Enabling Show Whitespace characters makes the cursor jump to different location when deleting tags
  • Active segment does not stay in middle of editor which makes user to scroll manually to see the contents to translate below
  • Downgrading to WFP 5.0.7 from 5.1.0 may clear Projects from Project list (use WFP 5.0.8)


Wordfast Pro 5.0.7 Release Notes

  • Preview button is enabled for files that don’t need source

Wordfast Pro 5.0.6 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented formatting tags that has content to be shown as Non-formatting tags in TXLF editor
  • Formatting options are disabled for non Office file formats

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with score breakdown missing in TM lookup info for segments with penalties
  • Fixed issue with target segment translation disappearing during certain editor functions like commit, auto-propagation and Find and Replace


Wordfast Pro 5.0.3 Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue where underline formatting tag discrepancy block Word target file conversion with alignment errors
  • Fixed issue where target segment changes formatting tag content once file is saved


Wordfast Pro 5.0 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Updated and New UI that improves space and looks great.
  • Greatly improved performance when translating files.
  • Improved speed of sending and receiving results from remote glossaries.
  • Best TM match will now overwrite lower TM matches automatically.
  • Updated Preferences layout to make preferences easier to find and see.
  • Moved Auto-propagation, Text tools, and Machine Translation to be application level preferences, which means that anytime that they are modified, they will apply to all projects.
  • Auto Propagation defaults are now checked for 100% matches, Fuzzy Matches, Auto-propagated Matches, and Machine Translated segments.
  • You can now set your username in the preferences that are used when writing to TM and Glossary.
  • Updated Google Machine translation to support Premium Edition.
  • Updated Microsoft Machine translation to support Azure Portal service.
  • Moved Smart Quotes preferences from being project specific to application wide.
  • Updated support for several OSX shortcuts. Please see shortcuts section of Help for an updated list.
  • PDF preview now supports PPTX source format.
  • Added ability to show a translated preview of HTML content.
  • Added ability to show a translated preview of office files in PDF format.
  • Added a default JSON filter instead of defining a text based format filter.
  • Added ability to create a project from multiple TXLF files with language detection.
  • You can now run Analysis in Quicktools without using a TM.
  • Quicktools Pseudotranslation now remembers previous settings.
  • File language is now automatically detected when adding TXLF files to WFP5.
  • You can now cleanup files in a project without having to create translated files.
  • Leveraging a segment using the “Leverage” action in the editor now overwrites whatever is in the target. Automatic leverage does not do this.
  • Transcheck report now has the option to toggle highlights for Terminology Check.
  • Added option to toggle MT autosuggestions.
  • Added spellcheck dictionaries for Malay, Indonesian, Bahasa, and Japanese which can be downloaded via Updates.
  • Added the score column to bilingual tables.
  • Enter button can now be set to navigate in between segment via the shortcuts.
  • Office previews for XLS file are now in landscape view.
  • All TXLF files added to a project now go directly into the “TXLF” folder.
  • Segments that are locked in SDLX files are now locked in WFP5 as well.
  • Verifying a segment triggers it being written to TM immediately.
  • Increased hitbox area for Verify segment action in the Editor.
  • Name of export bilingual files now matches the name of the source files in Quicktools.
  • TM lookup info popup now wraps text.
  • Clarified messages for completion of analysis.
  • All warning and error messages can now be copied.
  • Changed messages regarding Demo mode throughout app.
  • Change icon size to be medium by default.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with curly quotes causing false positives during spellchecking.
  • Fixed issue with spellcheck Transcheck which caused Transcheck to fail if language dictionaries were not available.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the source did not put cursor exactly where you clicked.
  • Fixed issue where Auto-Suggestion was not working on the 1st word of a segment.
  • Fixed issue where is one TM connection is unavailable TM Analyze would fail.
  • Fixed false positives generated by parenthesis in the Transcheck Punctuation check.
  • Fixed issue that caused spaces to be missing for some Microsoft MT results.
  • Fixed issue causing Wordfast Pro to quit unexpectedly on Mac OSX
  • Fixed issue with the consistency check where not all source repetitions were appearing in the Consistency report.
  • Fixed issues where sometimes excessive whitespaces were shown in the TXLF file which caused them to be removed from the target file.
  • Fixed issue where if an unsupported file type was added to WFP that the user would be blocked from deleting it from the OS if WFP was still open.
  • Fixed issues where the columns throughout the app would not be aligned properly.
  • Fixed issue where bilingual exports where not being displayed in a continuous table.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Transcheck Report to be missing the Paragraph length check.
  • Fixed multiple display issues that appeared while using the app on a Microsoft Surface.
  • Fixed Term Highlighting issues that caused highlight to overflow into the different columns.
  • Fixed several window resizing issue throughout the app.
  • Fixed issue where cursor disappears sometimes with Japanese and Korean target languages.
  • Fixed issue that caused the location of reports to be based on the location of the previous project.
  • Fixed issue that caused SDLX modified segments to never appear in the Segment Changes report due to an invalid segment status.
  • Fixed OSX specific issue that caused some popup dialogs to not be able to scroll.
  • Fixed issue where auto-propagation was adding “n” tags to certain segments.
  • Fixed issues with Google MT results having too many extra spaces.
  • Fixed issue related to copy action not working using a Hebrew keyboard.
  • Fixed issue with bullets being saved as spaces in some filetypes.
  • Fixed OSX specific issue where accented characters in filename caused target files to not be created.


Known Issues

  • TXLF Editor columns gets hidden when windows display settings are set to 125%



Wordfast Pro  4.10.4 Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue with Transcheck to skip Exact and Context matches segments from the report.


Wordfast Pro  4.10.2 Release Notes

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed disappearing segment focus when moving to next segment using Next Segment action for CJK target languages


Wordfast Pro 4.10 Release Notes

New Features

  • Ability to open source files in their source application via right click options
  • Ability to verify segments to make sure they are committed to TM
  • Ability to quickly open the location of all project resources via right click options
  • Ability to Import and Export Bilingual MS Word files from Quicktools
  • Ability to Export Bilingual MS Word files from the Project View
  • Ability to send feedback directly to JIRA issue tracker
  • Ability to open project automatically after project creation
  • Ability to automatically store the source file in the Wordfast project folder
  • New TM Lookup with penalty breakdown, penalty indicator, and custom attribute support
  • Ability to open source files from the TXLF Editor View
  • Support for SDL Knowledge Center Preview
  • Support for Onelink Preview
  • New term highlight to distinguish between fuzzy source terms with no match and exact source terms with no match
  • Term highlighting now indicates when there are multiple term translations
  • Drag and Drop support in Quicktools
  • Added support to achieve files from projects
  • Added support for OSX Sierra



  • Multiple Smart Quote Improvements
  • Support to export notes for Chained Files
  • Support of bilingual tables for Chained Files
  • New Table filter to show all segment except auto-propagated segments
  • Indicator to show when multiple term translations exist
  • TM Lookup pane can now be maximized without limit
  • Ability to archive files that are removed from a project
  • Added Hunspell dictionaries for Bosnian, Croatian, Hindi, Slovak, and many other languages
  • Support for Max Length Attribute to be used in Transcheck
  • Support for Paragraph Length Transcheck
  • Ability to use the TM configuration and penalization that is sent from PD
  • When files are Chained only modified files are updated in Project View
  • Concordance TUs form secondary TMs are not marked
  • Moved all preview options to be under one button
  • Several Segment Changes Report improvements
  • Changed multiple messages throughout the app


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed multiple whitespace issues
  • Fixed issue with pasting whitespaces into other applications
  • Fixed issue where opening quotes should be entered after braces
  • Fixed issue where NBSP character could not be added to Find/Replace
  • Fixed several TXLF editor cursor focus issues
  • Fixed Microsoft Surface installer issues
  • Fixed issues with extended monitors with Microsoft Surface
  • Fixed issue with Chain Files not indicating correct segment number in Notes
  • Fixed issues where certain files could not be opened in Turkish Localized Windows
  • Fixed several issues with term highlighting
  • Fixed issue where Ä was not working when smart quotes were on
  • Fixed issue with find and replace highlighting and term highlighting
  • Fixed issue where App would freeze on Commit All to remote WFS TM
  • Fixed Several Undo issues


Wordfast Pro 4.9 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added delete tracking and leading options to IDML filter
  • Added new languages to Hunspell dictionary
  • Removed legacy Java installation for Mac OSX version
  • Implemented ability to scroll outline view with keyboard up and down arrow
  • Updated Google Translate API link
  • Default shortcuts are changed for em and en dash
  • Added Wordfast Anywhere TM and Glossary connection support using API key

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed Google MT adding extra whitespace between tags compared to source
  • Fixed Brackets and tags flipping sides in RTL project with LTR text
  • Fixed issues with Docx failing to create target file
  • Fixed double clicking on TXML to open in Wordfast on Mac OSX systems


Wordfast Pro 4.9 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added ability to connect to Wordfast Server for remote terminology
  • Added Hunspell Dictionary for Thai
  • Added Hunspell Dictionary for Turkish


  • Moved More Options TM Lookup to the immediate left of Find Source
  • Added Chain Files shortcut key to Shortcut Preferences
  • Changed Transcheck Warning pop-up message to be clearer when reporting an issue
  • Added the option to ignore alphanumeric codes during the Copy Source Check in Transcheck


  • Added shortcut key in Shortcut Preferences to navigate between open files (unbound)
  • Changed label from “Keys” to “Shortcuts" throughout
  • Moved Project Cleanup icon to the right on Project Files tab
  • Updated Segment Changes report

Fixed Issues

  • Issue causing slowness in the editor when Show Whitespace is enabled
  • Issue where Cleanup could be performed without a Cleanup password
  • Issue where Replace All did not change the status of a segment to Modified
  • Issue where Transcheck Report sometimes opens with a 500 error
  • Issue where certain DOCX Word files could not be converted to TXLF files
  • Issue causing TM Lookup and Term Lookup panes to disappear when large Microsoft Windows text scaling is set
  • Issue causing update reminder to fail
  • Issue that made application unresponsive when clicking in Google Translate links
  • Issue causing application to not find its license file
  • Issue where last word in a segment is showing up as misspelled even though it was corrected
  • Issue where Spellcheck jumps to the beginning of the document before pop-up response
  • Issue causing Auto-Propagation to work incorrectly for merged segments
  • Issue causing Transcheck to fail on chained files
  • Issue causing the application to freeze when filtering chained file segments
  • Issue causing the last modified segment action to fail on chained files
  • Issue where term description was not included in a glossary exported as TBX
  • Issue causing GLTM connection to disconnect after opening several segments quickly
  • Issue where an attribute was added by Cleanup when Add Attribute was unchecked
  • Issue preventing a user from pasting text in other dialogs when focus was on a locked segment
  • Issue of not requiring user name and password when connecting to remote glossaries
  • Issues of various user interface glitches
  • Issue of unclear cause indication and explanation for White space in Transcheck


Wordfast Pro 4.8 Release Notes

  • Added ability to chain several files together in Current Project View
  • Added Last Save Column to Current Project View
  • Added option to skip next 100% and context match to “Go to next translatable” action (Alt+Down, Alt+Up)
  • Widened the analysis report popup
  • All resources for PM actions in the Current Project View are preselected by default
  • Fixed issue with having to click several times on the app to regain focus
  • Updated Browse for folders dialog to be more user friendly
  • Updated Project List View and Current Project View with search for each column
  • Moved column sorting in Project List View and Current Project view to buttons on the right side
  • Added “Selected” column to Terminology Tab in Current Project View
  • Fixed issue that caused header alignment in columns to be off
  • Fixed issue where whitespace was added while concordance searching
  • Fixed issue where Replace action was not working in some instances
  • Fixed Mac issue where “Hide Wordfast Pro 4” option would make the application crash
  • Fixed issue where "Replace All” action caused application to freeze in certain instances
  • Fixed Mac issue where “Select Next Word” action was not working
  • Fixed issue where the Table Filter Drawer would not retract once search was done
  • Fixed locale issue which was causing Quicktools analysis to show no matches
  • Fixed graphic bug where extra space was added to the Project List View
  • Fixed issue where find/replace was not completing a full circle
  • Fixed issue where double clicking on a file would result in an error
  • Fixed issue where sometimes Note ID column was blank after adding several notes
  • Fixed issue where undo action was not changing segment statuses
  • Fixed some issues where terms were not highlighted


Wordfast Pro 4.7 Release Notes

  • Added ability to skip 100% and Context matches from Transcheck
  • Added a check for whitespaces around tags in whitespace Transcheck
  • Added Transcheck for unconfirmed segments
  • Added check for NBSP in whitespace Transcheck
  • Added an icon for GLP files
  • Updated French, Spanish, and English US Hunspell dictionaries
  • Added Thai Hunspell dictionary
  • Added Seconds and time zone to segment history timestamp
  • Added Mac installer
  • Added credential prompt to add terms to Read Only glossaries
  • Added shortcuts to mouse overs for buttons that were missing them
  • Improved Undo/Redo functionality
  • Improved highlighting for terms in the Transcheck report
  • Improved TM concordance results when working in project with multiple TM
  • Fixed issues with dragging and dropping highlighted text
  • Alt+F12 copies selected text for concordance searching
  • Changed auto propagation defaults to not include 100% matches and auto propagated matches
  • Disable TM autosuggest by default
  • Find Replace Dialog has been modified to take up less space in the window
  • Automatic resetting of TM and glossary connections when the user returns from idle
  • Added grid lines to TM lookup
  • Fixed issue where whitespace characters were causing slow scrolling
  • Fixed issue where score column was not cleared clear target action
  • Fixed Copy Source shortcut actions
  • Fixed issue of wrong text being highlighted while performing a find action
  • Fixed issue where next/previous TU match is toggled
  • Fixed issue where cursor would move to the beginning of the segment on undo action
  • Fixed issue where term highlighting changed when navigating through segments
  • Fixed various in-application focus issues
  • Fixed Select All (Ctrl+A) functionality
  • Fixed Go to segment issue where “enter” did not work
  • Fixed issue where Transcheck would report the wrong type of whitespace error
  • Fixed issue where highlighting was off in the segment changes report
  • Fixed issues where header column in TXLF editor was not aligned
  • Fixed issue where right clicking an item unselects it
  • Fixed issue cause score column to not refresh after Undo action
  • Fixed issue where pseudo translation did not generate a target file
  • Fixed issue where you could not paste a GLTM connection into TM input field
  • Fixed issue with glossary term tooltips disappearing
  • Fixed issue where instructions are not visible when very long
  • Fixed issue where Show whitespace characters was resizing segments
  • Fixed issue where you could not see the entire target of a segment in the spellcheck dialog
  • Fixed issue with Hunspell dictionary mappings to apply to more languages
  • Fixed Windows 10 compatibility issues
  • Fixed M-dash and N-dash shortcuts for OSX
  • Fixed issues with spellchecker stopping on OSX
  • Fixed speed issues with OSX Find/Replace
  • Fixed OSX issues with Leverage Next/Previous TU
  • Fixed OSX issue with save translated for certain Word file
  • Fixed blank screen issue when application starts on OSX
  • Fixed issue where term is entered when clicking elsewhere in the segment
  • Fixed Copy/Paste issues in TM Editor
  • Fixed issue where WF app would not restore when clicking on the OSX doc icon



Wordfast  3.4.11 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented Google Machine Translation with Premium edition support
  • Implemented Microsoft Machine Translation with Azure API key support
  • Added Workgroup ID field for TMServer TM connection
  • Removed Translate line break as tag from IDML new filter version
  • Added new term highlight color code purple for source with fuzzy and no match in target instead of red

Issues fixed

Fixed issue with adding source files for pseudotranslation
Fixed issue with Autopropagation adding extra letter to propagated segments for RTL languages
Fixed issue with editor blinking while typing with term highlights enabled

Known Issues Updates

All versions

  • Pseudo translate conversion does not work on PDF files
  • TM admin does not replace every instance in TM
  • Custom segmentation may not work as expected
  • Changing Shortcut Keys Scheme does not populate bindings



  • RTL issues with TM Lookup
  • Aligner not OSX compatible
  • PDF filter does not work on OSX
  • Word Spellchecker not compatible with OSX versions of Word
  • CMD +Tab shortcut does not work because of OSX OS priority
  • Drag and Drop of text in target segment crashes application for some OSX versions



  • Does not support adding word to spell-check dictionary


Wordfast Pro  3.4.10 Release Notes

New Features

Implemented cleanup option to toggle writing unconfirmed segments to TM

Implemented Transcheck report to have checkbox to toggle highlights for Terminology Transcheck

Fixed Issues

Fixed issue with Hunspell dictionary not working on Mac OSX devices

Fixed issue with TransStudio opening create new project dialog when TXML files are opened

Fixed issue with TM List checkbox not working for making TM active and Read Only.

Fixed issue with Docx filter fails to align during cleanup

Fixed consistency check reporting order to be independent of file ordered in Transcheck tab

Fixed issue with TransStudio opening last opened TXML file


Wordfast 3.4.8 Release Notes

Added Excel filter option to extract soft return

Added new languages to Hunspell dictionary

Implemented Table view scrolling using Page Up and Page Down keys

Perform TM lookup automatically is now enabled by default

Fixed Word filter failing to align documents containing drop down list

Fixed issues with font size change in target file.

Fixed issues with DOCM file failing to convert to TXML due to control characters

Fixed issues with Find and Replace disables Replace options when Open files selected

Fixed issues to remove segment change warning when text is dragged and dropped

Fixed IDML filter failing to align target file

Fixed edit source option to revert to original source after restarting TXML

Fixed tag transcheck not detecting errors for RTL target languages

Fixed issues with Wordfast failing to start on non US localized systems

Fixed Word filter issue with applying single byte font for Japanese symbols

Fixed issues with Add notes adding a line break before the note

Fixed Word filter issue causing alignment error for document footnotes with citations



Wordfast 3.4.7 Release Notes

Issues fixed

Fixed Wordfast Aligner issues with 3.4.6

Fixed Terminology Transcheck not working for Turkish language

Added Use Headers checkbox for Excel advanced wizard missing

Fixed Wordfast freezing while adding notes with right click option


Wordfast 3.4.6 Release Notes - December 2016

New Features and Improvements

Implemented option to calculate character count with spaces for Analysis report

Added better instructions for License Management Activation dialog

Added Spanish inverted question and exclamation mark as part of Smart quote feature

Added Excel filter option to use XML configuration file

Implemented glossary highlighting for Thai language terms without spaces

Added option to set line break character configuration for SRT filter

Implemented next tag to get automatically selected when previous tag is copied to target

Available languages for WorldLingo machine translation is revised

Implemented Hunspell dictionary option to select Bokmål and Nynorsk formats

Implemented new default for Memory preference and removed the highest option as it causes WFP to crash

Added IDML filter option to extract cross-reference formats from InDesign files


Issues fixed

El Capitan rendering issues with TM list and Glossary list checkbox black

Fixed spellchecker Ignore once and Ignore All option does not remove squiggly lines from ignored words

Fixed SRT filter target files adding extra line breaks compared to source SRT files

Fixed Docx filter rendering Latin text RTL in RTL document

Fixed glossary import stripping source term duplicates instead of adding them as new term

Fixed paragraph indicator for ID column missing from TXML table editor

Fixed PPTX filter hidden slide notes are extracted when Hidden slide notes is not selected

Fixed auto-propagation issues on RTL to LTR projects

Fixed issues with MS Word Preview failing for certain tags present in TXML files

Fixed issues with Transcheck report for RTL projects tag rendering

Fixed issues with importing TMX file corrupting text file header

Fixed end of segment markers textbox to show default values

Fixed RTL project text view issue where cursor jumping white tying a character

Fixed editor scrolling after Transcheck popup warning

Fixed target term tooltip showing up same term twice if source has same term more than once in the segment


Wordfast 3.4.5 Release Notes - August 2015 

New Features and Improvements

  • Added new cleanup tab option ‘Overwrite Private TU’ for WFServer TM
  • Added Export review options to add custom instructions to Bilingual Export document
  • Implemented ability to increase the number of TM Lookup hits in Translation Memory preferences
  • Added Hunspell Indonesian (Indonesia) dictionary to Indonesian and Bahasa (Indonesia) language pair
  • Implemented different variations of ‘i’ for Turkish language to cycle through case using Uppercase/Lowercase Shift+F3 shortcut
  • Implemented ability to get TU count for WFServer TM in TM List
  • Implemented character limit check to report violation for paragraphs
  • Mac OSX version default shortcut for Copy source changed to Alt+S
  • Default value for Diff Highlight checkbox in TM Lookup is changed to selected
  • Added Cleanup file output options to PM-Plugin Preferences
  • Implemented Alt+Down action to not leverage auto-propagated segment
  • Implemented Tab and Enter key to work inside Spell check dialog
  • Added Word Doc as open file type instead of PDF when Checksum failure happens for PDF converted document files
  • Implemented Notes type to remember last used Type in Add Notes dialog
Issues fixed
  • Fixed Mac OSX Yosemite issue with opening multiple files and null pointer exceptions when opening Wordfast
  • Fixed issue with Wordfast crashing when Find and Replace dialog is expanded in Linux OS machines.
  • Fixed text view issues with showing Transcheck error popup on large files
  • Fixed issue with Confirm/Unconfirm moving cursor focus to outline view from target segment.
  • Fixed issue related to Wordfast going back to Demo mode on Windows 7 machines
  • Fixed issue with spell check dialog not showing the first suggestion when more than 3 suggestion present in the list
  • Fixed issue with fuzzy segments not committed warning for auto propagated segments from fuzzy match segments
  • Fixed issue with Tag Transcheck pop up in TXML editor not reporting the right tag numbers for segments in a paragraph
  • Fixed issue with keyboard layout switching to English in RTL projects
  • Fixed issue with Translate All Cancel button not working in RTL projects
  • Fixed issue with RTL projects on Mac OSX where cursor goes to other direction after each word with end punctuation in reverse direction
  • Fixed exception in Wordfast with error opening current project
  • Fixed null pointer exception while opening Wordfast   
Wordfast 3.4.4 Release Notes - May 2015 
New Features and Improvements
  • Added Portable Object (*.po) filter to Filters list
  • Implemented term highlighting to recognize French terms that starts with l’ or d’
  • Removed Experimental label from Translations Preferences ‘Merge across paragraphs’
  • Default Notes type is changed to question when adding Notes to TXML
  • Implemented segment changes report to add Segment Id instead of paragraph Id
  • Implemented Word Filter to extract comments for translation in separate segment
  • Implemented difference highlighting for segment changes content in TXML editor
  • Added Excel filter option ‘Translate cell order by column’ to extract cell content for translation column by column instead of rows
  • Implemented Prefix text box content to be for Extract Frequents file
  • Implemented Transcheck report difference highlight to highlight text on word basis instead of characters
  • Implemented TM count on status bar of PM perspective Analyze tab for number of TMs selected in the list
  • Added filter option for SDLXLIFF filter to change segment status to Translated
  • Implemented smart quotes for French (Canada) to be different from other French language variants
  • Implemented Alt codes for buttons in Spellchecker window
  • Updated Max Length check comments in Transcheck report
  • Added target encoding option for Text based filters (*.txt, *.htm, *.html, *.asp, *.jsp, *.properties)
  • Implemented TM Admin perspective option ‘Purge Workgroup TUs’ to remove workgroup Id TUs from WFServer TMs
  • Implemented resize ability for PM perspective Analyze tab TM list and Options
  • Implemented term highlighting like for TXML editor for Terminology Transcheck report
  • Added Exact checkbox to TM Lookup options


Issues Fixed
  • Fixed TM Lookup issue with source column expanded automatically to the right
  • Fixed Word Filter issue unable to convert target file with equations
  • Fixed issue with Tag Transcheck reporting out of order issue when tag contents are mismatched between source and target segments
  • Fixed font issue with Japanese Word target file
  • Fixed Word filter issue for Japanese to English target file adding double byte curly quotes
  • Fixed Excel filter copying untranslatable content to target file using advanced wizard
  • Fixed Terminology Transcheck reporting errors in CJK language for exact terms
  • Fixed drag and drop files issue with TXML editor and PM Perspective on Linux system
  • Fixed import failure for Bilingual document with Word document containing comments in bubbles
  • Fixed highlighting terms on segments where Translate until fuzzy or no match stops
  • Fixed null pointer exception error while opening Wordfast
  • Fixed Find and Replace with Scope from cursor option to replace text from cursor position
  • Fixed unsupported document format error while opening XLF files with upper case extension in TXML editor
  • Fixed find and replace in TM admin perspective stops finding new string after No strings found message
  • Fixed INX filter conversion issues when Number Extraction is turned OFF
  • Fixed Word filter for Arabic to English project with translation contains extra spaces after punctuation and scrambled text
  • Fixed issue with RTL languages document target file table contents in LTR text instead of RTL text
Wordfast 3.4.3 Release Notes - February 2015 

New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented length restriction option in Excel Advanced Wizard configuration to set max length restriction on target Excel segments
  • Implemented option under Translation Preferences to enable or disable next segment leverage during Next Segment (Alt+Down) action
  • Added Quark document filter to list of filters
  • Added Translate comments as part of Excel Filter option
  • Improved status bar to show source count, target count and max character count with segment and paragraph character count
  • Implemented Add Local TM Open File dialog to show both TMX and Local TM file types as default option
  • Implemented Smart Quotes option for English language variants to use curly quotes
  • Implemented Excel filter Advanced Wizard configuration now has option to select start and end row number
  • Implemented diff highlights to show added or removed content for Segment changes report
  • Implemented Transcheck report for Edited exact match to diff highlight the added or removed text
  • Added score column for Consistency check Transcheck report
  • Reordered PM Perspective tabs
  • Implemented error handling and user input locales for TM’s with invalid locale header
  • Implemented TXML Editor ID column with gray color fill when more than one segment belongs to the same paragraph

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed issue with TM Lookup leverage search showing fuzzy score for exact matches
  • Fixed Word Filter drop down list extraction causes alignment error during target file creation
  • Fixed issue with extracting TXML files when document contains hard return after equations
  • Fixed Excel filter cleanup report showing different segment Ids for sheet names containing same names
  • Fixed PowerPoint filter issue with creating TXML document for PowerPoint presentation containing notes
  • Fixed issue with TM Admin update selected option updating all changes instead of selected change
  • Fixed TM Admin replace all option crashing Wordfast Pro
  • Fixed new IDML filter target file conversion issues
  • Fixed issue with Terminology Transcheck report showing correct terms as incorrect when terms are separated with em dash
  • Fixed tag tooltip to show target edited tag tool tip instead of source tag tooltip
  • Fixed context links showing wrong webpage in Bilingual export document
  • Fixed issue with autosuggestion not working for terms next to tags


Wordfast 3.4.2 Release Notes - October 2014

New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented ability to Auto-Propagate translation across all open files in TXML editor
  • Implemented username field in preferences to set customizable username for TM, Glossaries, Notes and Segment changes
  • Added new options to ignore translated and exact match segments from Analysis report
  • Added Adobe InCopy Document ICML filter
  • Added new options for FrameMaker filter
  • Added new options for PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint filter
  • Added Word filter option to translate drop down list contents
  • Implemented ability to ignore language variants during TMX import to Wordfast
  • Added Excel filter option to translate drop down list contents
  • Implemented fuzzy term check as an option for Terminology Transcheck
  • Implemented newer version of IDML filter with more options (refer Help)
  • Implemented better Transcheck report for PM Perspective Transcheck
  • Implemented options for consistency check (source & target) to ignore case, whitespace, tags and numbers
  • Added options to SRT filter to set max length and Paragraph segmentation.
  • Added option to Enable or Disable segment changes
  • Added option to Populate frequents to create populated TXML in new folder
  • Implemented option to change the font size for tag and term tooltip
  • Implemented Import or Export Bilingual Review to show success or failure pop up.
  • Added option to TM Admin preferences to ignore case during mark TU operation.
  • Added option to Word filter to enable or disable comment bubble content translation
  • Implemented ‘Connect as Admin’ option to connect to WFServer TMs in TM Admin Perspective
  • Implemented ability to add non-breaking space before punctuation for FR-FR target language as part of “smart quotes” feature
  • Implemented ability to search TM from TM list in Analysis and Cleanup tabs
  • Implemented ability to select all Notes and delete at once
  • Added Turkish language to Hunspell dictionary
  • Added Category search field for Microsoft Machine Translation

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed issue with Mac OSX Wordfast freezes while using Terminology Editor
  • Fixed MIF filter issue with text missing in translated document
  • Fixed term highlighting issues in TXML editor for terms from WFA
  • Fixed TM Lookup concordance search to return results for Japanese Hiragana text
  • Fixed term highlighting issue for CJK languages without spaces
  • Fixed MIF filter issue translating document with special characters
  • Fixed issue with ‘segment not committed’ warning pop up when deleting selected text in target segment
  • Fixed issue with empty TXML creation during Split TXML after TUs action
  • Fixed source segment edited and misalignment of target segments during Alt+Down action on RTL target language
  • Fixed terminology transcheck reporting correct matches as mismatch
  • Fixed issue with WorldLingo MT engine translating Illongo language with Hebrew text
  • Fixed issue with number conversions auto suggest to convert decimal numbers ending with zero
  • Fixed Docx filter issue with adding bold formatting to sentences in target file
  • Fixed Excel filter issue with stripping cells with formulas in target file


Wordfast 3.4.1 Release Notes - June 2014
New Features and Improvements
  • Added 64-bit Linux OS support
  • Added Perform MT manually as a default option for Machine Translation
  • Added option to Term Highlighting to ignore case difference
  • Added support for Microsoft Word file variants (*.docm, *.dot, *.dotm, *.dotx)
  • Implemented right click context menu for Glossary editor
  • Implemented Spellchecker dialog window to remember last known location
  • Implemented ability to Add term without any source or target term selection
  • Implemented ability to sync source and target attributes during Term Manager glossary synchronization
  • Added support for Microsoft Excel file variants (*.xlsm)
  • Implemented Split after TUs to split TXML files based on segments instead of paragraphs

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed ability to select tags next to a tag using keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed TM Lookup to work right for target selection in Text View
  • Fixed selection of term in TXML editor to show target term in status bar
  • Fixed segment not committed to TM warning not to show up during content deleted from end of segment in Text View
  • Fixed Term Highlighting to avoid highlighting additional characters if it is between tags
  • Fixed keyboard navigation through tags in Target segment for RTL languages
  • Fixed Text View from moving the cursor to source segment after expansion
  • Fixed Transcheck report to highlight case different terms in source and target segments



Wordfast 3.4.0 Release Notes - April 2014
New Features and Improvements
  • Added SRT filter to roundtrip SubRip Text (*.srt) files
  • Implemented ability to select WFServer and WFA glossary for Transcheck report
  • Implemented TXML editor to show character count for in focus source and target segment
  • Added Max Length Transcheck in PM Perspective to check max length violation in target segment
  • Added Populate Frequents tab to PM Perspective to populate original TXML with translation from frequents file.
  • Implemented shortcut to remove all tags from current segment
  • Alt+F12 shortcut now copies selected source segment content to target segment
  • Renamed GLTM tab from Add TM to WFServer
  • Renamed Attribute penalties sub options and reordered Penalties list from TM Preferences
  • Added new attribute for Extract Frequents TXML files that won’t let users to Expand or Shrink segments
  • Implemented ability to copy contents from Terminology Editor table
  • Implemented TM Lookup to save concordance search history for the session
  • Added ability to export TMGR glossaries from glossary list
  • Implemented glossary highlighting for CJK languages without spaces
  • Implemented ability to better control TXML editor fonts from Preferences
  • Implemented ‘Ignore non-breaking space‘ to Find and Replace options
  • Added error message for editing WFServer TM without cleanup password from TM Admin perspective
  • Implemented ability to select glossary during bilingual export
  • Implemented TXML tab to show filename and full path in tooltip

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed cleanup to remove spaces to Japanese target files after period
  • Fixed Preview in MS Word not working for several TXML files
  • Fixed Mac OSX NullPointerException while opening WFP
  • Fixed TXML files being treated as source files during analysis
  • Fixed remove all tags now works on edited and leveraged segments
  • Fixed term selection in source segment to show target term in status bar
  • Fixed Delete to beginning and end of line shortcuts to work in TXML Editor
  • Fixed moving from end of line in a segment to next line inside a target segment using arrow keys
  • Fixed shortcuts for Copy and Paste to work in TXML Editor.
  • Fixed Transcheck consistency check to report all versions of inconsistencies
  • Fixed Find and Replace dialog close button to work after Replace All
  • Fixed Text view to show closing curly brackets of tags in right order for RTL languages
  • Fixed MS Office spellchecker to not strip prefix letters l’, d’ etc., while changing to suggested spelling
  • Fixed WFP freezing issue for RTL projects with Spell check as you type is enabled
  • Fixed PPT filter Aspose exception during save translation
  • Fixed slow import of large glossary file in WFP
  • Fixed term highlighting to highlight the terms between tags
  • Fixed Word filter from corrupting formulas during cleanup
  • Fixed tool tip to work for terms in RTL language



Wordfast 3.3.0 Release Notes - January 2014
New Features and Improvements
  • Implemented drag and drop of highlighted text into TXML editor
  • Added TM Lookup difference highlighting for leverage search
  • Implemented glossary selection from the list for PM Perspective Transcheck tab
  • Implemented ‘Segment Changes’ export to a file
  • Added XML filter with default properties
  • Added ability to expand across paragraphs in TXML editor
  • Added ability to export notes into MS Word document file.
  • Implemented new search options for TM Admin perspective
  • Implemented auto save with file recovery for TXML files
  • Added new option for Excel filters to extract data validation comments for translation
  • Implemented transcheck option to add notes column to Transcheck report
  • Added all TXML editor transcheck options to PM Perspective transcheck options
  • Improved text selection in TXML editor table view without content shifting around
  • Added FrameMaker filter option to Exclude Tables based on Table Ids
  • Implemented new Extract frequents options with redesigned UI
  • Added new Excel filter option to translate hidden sheets
  • Implemented auto detect encoding for TXT, HTML, HTM, ASP and JSP filters.
  • Added TM Admin option to remove deprecated TUs which removes TUs starts with xx from TM text file
  • Added button to remove all tags from selected TUs in TM Admin perspective
  • Improved term highlight menu option button to toggle between turning term highlight ON and OFF for the entire document
  • Implemented new Terminology transcheck option to report correctly used matches in Transcheck report file
  • Implemented analysis progress bar for PM Perspective Analyze to have stages shown to users
  • Improved searching using TM Lookup which does not add plus signs to search string
  • Added Last Modified Segment to Edit menu options
  • Added description to Excel advanced wizard regular expression window
  • Implemented display of currently selected files in PM perspective
  • Implemented TM Lookup tool tip to show custom attributes when hovered over the TU
  • Implemented new column ‘Size’ for PM perspective file grid
  • Improved Find and Replace dialog box in TM Admin perspective
  • Added RTL direction for Sindhi (SD) language
  • Implemented TM lookup sorting for ID column
  • Improved Auto TM Lookup speed by doing leverage search instead of concordance search
  • Renamed XML filter to Text Based Filter
  • Implemented auto check files opened in PM Perspective tabs

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed cursor hopping to previous edited segment instead of moving to next segment during Alt+Down action
  • Fixed Wordfast crashing on Mac OSX Mavericks operating system
  • Fixed slow editor operation due to WFA active glossary
  • Fixed Find and Replace freezing Wordfast for backward search
  • Fixed Translate All option stopping when LTR text is inserted in RTL target segment
  • Fixed connection time out issue with bug report
  • Fixed auto TM language selection based on project during Add TM operation
  • Fixed Add term dialog removing source term when target is selected with shortcut
  • Fixed text view tag and a character gets deleted during delete action for a tag
  • Fixed selecting notes from Notes tab to bring segment the notes present in focus
  • Fixed TXML file gets rewritten when INX file is opened again in TXML editor
  • Fixed RTL languages to display from right to left side for Mac OSX version
  • Fixed Excel filter exception during save translated operation with date time segments
  • Fixed Mac OSX slow program start problem
  • Fixed WFServer glossary not adding description while adding a term from Wordfast Pro
  • Fixed term highlighting in TXML editor with terms containing dash
  • Fixed TM Lookup row height to automatically adjust based on the result content
  • Fixed Bug report description text box to wrap typed text
  • Fixed numerical transcheck to stop errors for Japanese language with single byte numbers
  • Fixed term highlighting in TXML editor to work correctly around curly quotes



Wordfast 3.2.2 Release Notes - October 2013
New Features and Improvements
  • Implemented five new options for FrameMaker Filter – Translate Body Pages, Translate Master Pages, Translate Tab as Text, Translate Discretionary Hyphen as Tag and Exclude Table IDs text box.
  • Implemented option to configure IDML filter for line break as tag
  • Added ability to resize TM Lookup column width
  • Added K’iche, Igbo and Konkani languages to Project list

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed Wordfast Server concordance search not working for TUs with attributes
  • Fixed WF freezing issues when large TMs are selected from TM List
  • Fixed TXML backward compatibility with older versions
  • Fixed FrameMaker filter issues not extracting certain contents to TXML
  • Fixed Numerical Transcheck not showing error when compared with double byte character
  • Fixed Word filter for images moved to different location in target file


Wordfast 3.2.1 Release Notes - August 2013
New Features and Improvements
  • Improved Glossary Auto-suggest which now shows source and target term
  • Added ‘Ignore Bi-lingual styles’ checkbox for Word filters to enable and disable bi-lingual file handling
  • Increased Segment ID column width in TXML editor
  • Implemented Add Files button for PM Perspective tabs
  • Add ‘Remove All Tags’ to Tag menu which removes all tags from TXML target segments
  • Excel Advanced Wizard now stores previously used regular expressions
  • Improved In Design filter with less tags, order of content and context oriented segmentation
  • PowerPoint Presentation filter option ‘Show hidden text’ has been renamed to ‘Translate hidden text’

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed freezing issue when ‘Highlight term in Editor with Box’ is ON
  • Fixed issue with XLIFF filter converting translatable content to tags
  • Fixed issue with term highlight for terms with more than six words
  • Fixed issue where IDML filter converting excessive tags in TXML
  • Fixed issue where PDF filter not converting numbers after line break to TXML
  • Fixed issue where INX filter throws java exception when there is not text next to a tag
  • Fixed issue with Notes losing focus when added from toolbar
  • Fixed issue with Word filter which now extracts TXML from forbidden characters from documents
  • Fixed issue with MIF filter which now extracts table contents to TXML
  • Fixed open TXML files getting overwritten with in-focus TXML file content during Save All operation
  • Fixed segments skipped during Alt+Down operation



Wordfast 3.2 Release Notes - June 2013
New Features and Improvements
  • Wordfast Anywhere and WFServer glossaries can now be accessed through Wordfast Pro
  • Added SDLXLIFF filter to roundtrip SDLXLIFF files
  • Added VDX filter to roundtrip Visio VDX files
  • Added Wordfast Classic filter to roundtrip bilingual Wordfast Classic documents
  • Support to export TXML file in to Bilingual document
  • Added support for Office 2013 files
  • Ability to Mark redundant TUs and deleting TUs are now possible in TM Administration perspective
  • Improved Find and Replace UI and functionality for TM Administration perspective
  • Added Merge TM in TM Administration perspective which now supports merging TM text file with Local TMs
  • Numerical Transcheck now shows more than one error for a segment in TXML Editor
  • ‘Edited Golden Check’ in PM Perspective Transcheck is renamed to ‘Edited Exact match Check’
  • Source consistency check is now added to PM perspective Transcheck options
  • Added new TXML Attributes pane to show TXML attributes for a segment
  • New shortcut key F9 to open Preferences
  • Better exception handling during save operations for Excel sheetname longer than 31 characters & forbidden characters
  • PPT/PPTX filter option ‘Skip notes pages’ is changed to ‘Translate notes pages’
  • Added ‘Translate Smart Tags’ option for Doc/Docx filter to extract and translate smart tags from Word documents
  • Added new option ‘Numbers separated by dashes are single numbers’ to Numerical Transcheck
  • Added Username column to TM Lookup results
  • TM Lookup Date/Time column can now be sorted based on date-timestamp
  • New option ‘Ignore Tag Content’ is added to Extract Frequents
  • Modify and Delete options are disabled for remote glossaries from Term Editor window
  • Drag and drop files into PM perspective is possible in OSX version of Wordfast

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issue with extracting last line from properties file
  • Fixed issue with alignment of Word filter when footnotes or endnotes added to an empty line
  • Fixed alignment issues with PPTX filter containing grouped objects
  • Fixed issue where Docx filter aligned images to different location in target file
  • Fixed issue with TXML file not opening in Wordfast when TXML file is selected
  • Fixed issue with PPTX file smart art text not being extracted in to TXML
  • Fixed issue where WorldLingo MT not working with Turkish language
  • Fixed issue with Excel filter where number stored as text segments is now pulled in to TXML for translation
  • Fixed ‘Java heap space’ issue while opening huge MIF files
  • Fixed issue with Word filter ignoring whitespaces during TXML conversion
  • Fixed issue where TM Lookup is not refreshed after opening a new project
  • Fixed issue with table borders not shown in translated PowerPoint files
  • Fixed issue where first forbidden word from blacklist file is not used during Blacklist Transcheck
  • Fixed formatting issue with translated IDML file
  • Fixed issue with IDML filter showing ampersand as a tag in TXML file
  • Fixed issue to adjust TXML editor to show Source and Target together when scrolling down in text view
  • Fixed all filters to show detailed name and extensions
  • Fixed Word filter issue where target language is not being set automatically in translated file
  • Fixed issue where auto TM Lookup interferes during Find and Replace operation
  • Fixed issue where Word Filter shows Non-Breaking hyphens as square boxes in translated file
  • Fixed HTML filter issue where accented characters are pulled in for translation instead of tags
  • Remove tag icon is removed from Menu and Toolbar


Wordfast 3.1.5 Release Notes - March 2013
New Features and Improvements
  • Term highlighting in the TXML Editor
  • Translation Memory preferences list columns are now sortable with remote and local in same list.
  • Glossary preferences list columns are now sortable with remote and local in same list
  • Transcheck highlights source/target mismatches in error report
  • PM perspective Transcheck report now does ‘Edited Golden’ and ‘Unedited Fuzzy’ checks
  • ‘Terminology’ label has been changed to ‘Glossary’ throughout application
  • PM perspective Consistency Check error report now has header columns

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issues with glossaries mapping occurred in 3.1.4
  • Fixed TM list duplicate issue in PM Perspective and TM Admin Perspective.
  • Fixed issues converting text based filter without new line character



Wordfast 3.1.3 Release Notes - January 2013

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed IDML filter to extract contents in order for different InDesign layouts


Wordfast 3.1.2 Release Notes - November 2012

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved extraction order of IDML file for context

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed random Null pointer exception on Alt+Down
  • Fixed Excel filter to extract text from Shape drawings for translation
  • Fixed freezing of application when Replace All is done for open files
  • Fixed Replace buttons from getting disabled during Find action



Wordfast 3.1.1 Release Notes - November 2012

New Features and Improvements

  • Selected text can be copied from TM Lookup using Alt+F12 shortcut.
  • Go To Segment can now be used to jump to any segment in TXML editor.
  • Edit items from Translation Memory menu are moved to Edit Menu.
  • Leverage Next/Previous TU are added to Translation Memory menu.
  • Sorting has been added for PM Perspective File Name and Extension columns.
  • Undo/Redo does not lose cursor focus.
  • Tool tip for terminologies include Terminology symbolic name.
  • Transcheck shows information dialog when no errors or options in TXML Editor.
  • Clear All Target Segments is added to Translation Memory Menu.
  • Retrieve Selected Segment is renamed to 'Retrieve Selected Tu.
  • Copy source on no match check box is added for PM Perspective Analysis.
  • Copy Source now inserts terminology from an active glossary.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issue for Mac OSX Spellchecker which now adds to dictionary.
  • Fixed Find/Replace Replace All now counts only Target replacement.
  • Fixed PPTX Filter Smart Art are causing alignment problems
  • Fixed Cursor focus issue after interacting with popup.
  • Fixed Next and Previous Placeable shortcut keys in TM Administration Perspective
  • Fixed Exception during analysis of Date and Time in XLS and XLSX
  • Fixed Terminology Auto-Suggest to suggest first word in a segment.
  • Fixed issue to show correct shortcut for Find/Replace in Mac OSX.
  • Fixed issue that did not let users to remove Blacklists from Blacklist preferences
  • Fixed issue with Shrink/Expand adding incorrect placeables in the target
  • Added Location Selector for Extract Frequents: Make new file after end of TXML
  • Fixed issue with scrolling in TM (Local/Remote) & Terminology List in Preferences.
  • Added scrollbar for Analysis report with multiple TM’s in Mac OSX
  • Fixed MIF filter which fails to open some style formatted MIF files.
  • Fixed out of order of contents when IDML files are generated to TXML.
  • Fixed the issue with Auto-Suggest not working with terms/numbers after NBSP.
  • Fixed issue with a XLSX/XLS cell contains empty comment opens the file.
  • Fixed issue with Add to dictionary not adding words to personal dictionary in Spell Checker
  • Fixed issues with IDML filter not extracting some contents to TXML.
  • Fixed issues with Grouped objects inside PPTX file cause cleanup failure.
  • Fixed issues with Auto Sorting inside PM Perspective during Drag and Drop of multiple files.
  • Fixed issue with Analysis report throwing error when analyzed against non existing TM File.
  • Fixed issue with Punctuation Transcheck which now does not throw error for placeables curly brackets.
  • Fixed issue with Autosuggest which now suggests numbers that start with characters like #, €, or $ in source.
  • Fixed inconsistency with fuzzy terminology handling between PM Perspective and TXML editor.
  • Fixed Outline which now scrolls automatically to user selected segment in editor.
  • Fixed issue with TM leverage between Editor and PM Perspective.
  • Disabled Modify and Delete button when Terminology file is selected as Read-Only.
  • Fixed shortcut to switch between source and target which now works from first segment.
  • Fixed issue with IDML filter extracting inactive layers like print specs for translation.
  • Fixed issue to extract numbers stored as text in cell which now get extracted based on the filter option set in Filter Format Preferences.
  • Fixed issues with Memory Preferences does not get set for Windows 7 users.
  • Fixed issues with Remote TM Admin Password which now will not be used in TXML editor for committing a segment.



Wordfast 3.1 Release Notes - August 2012

New Features

  • Edit source segment in TXML editor is now possible
  • WordLingo is now supported for Machine Translation
  • Segment Changes tracking has been added
  • Additional outline filtering options have been added, including segments with edited source and segments with revisions
  • Analysis now has the option to calculate percentage based on word count
  • Microsoft machine translation will now work with latest API token validation
  • Find and Replace UI and functionality has been updated
  • Case toggling is now possible with Shift+F3 without having to highlight word
  • TM Lookup search will now use quotes(“”) instead of plus(+)
  • Abbreviations for Danish languages have been added
  • Search Target Only option has been added to Find and Replace
  • VI-US Vietnamese US has been added to list of supported languages
  • New Extract Frequents option to make new file at the end of each TXML
  • Hunspell now includes Bulgarian (Bulgaria) dictionary


Issues Resolved

  • In Transcheck, Ignore Fuzzy Terminology option has been removed
  • Fixed issue where TXML locking occurred when switching between other TXML tabs
  • Fixed issue where opening some PPT files would cause “Document too big” error
  • Fixed issue where Copy All Sources would not copy Terms from Terminologies
  • Fixed where Translate Until Fuzzy would not stop at No Match, MT, and N/A
  • Fixed issue for font mapping missing for JA, KO, and ZH locales for FrameMaker files
  • Fixed issue where multiple marker types are not extracted for translation
  • Fixed issue where some PPTX files were unable to convert to TXML
  • Fixed issue for translatable content not extracted from FrameMaker files
  • Fixed issue where some PDF file alignment would cause errors
  • Fixed typos in Copy Placeables dialog
  • Fixed issue where in Transcheck Terminology, Fuzzy Terminology check had incorrect label
  • Fixed issue where initial click into source highlights text but does not select it
  • Labels “edited” was changed to “modified” in auto propagation preference pane
  • Fixed issue where selectable languages would differ depending on OS version
  • Fixed issue where HTML file with line breaks would appear different in text view compared table view
  • Fixed issue where TMX TM could not be imported into WF
  • Fixed issue in Text View where space would be added when moving or translating from segments
  • Fixed issue where Terminology search would not show the first result
  • Fixed issue in Text View where TM Lookup would not perform automatically when target segment is selected
  • Fixed issue where in Excel, Numbers would get extracted if more than 7 digits
  • Fixed issue where MIF file with segment revisions would throw alignment error while saving translation
  • Fixed issue where PPTX conversion would cause a null pointer error
  • Fixed issue where placeables containing field start/end would alter the order in translated file
  • Fixed issue where XE field syntax would be extracted into TXML incorrectly for MS Office 03 entries
  • Fixed issue where IDML filter would put ChangeType=”Deleted Text” into TXML segments
  • Fixed issue where TXML header for createdby and editedby would not update properly
  • Fixed issue where in Terminology List, Terminology would not be removed after deleting
  • Fixed issue where Blacklist would not be removed after deleting
  • Fixed issue where opening a doc file with track changes would cause an error
  • Fixed issue where translated file would not keep hidden text from original source file
  • Fixed issue where conditional text was extracted from IDML files
  • Fixed “Translate until no match” so that it stops on no match segments with cursor in target segment
  • Fixed issue for IDML content within angle bracket is not extracted as translatable content


April 2012

New Features

  • All ProPlus features are now unlocked for all non-demo licenses
  • Improved memory handling for OSX version
  • Updated all Office filters
  • Updated FrameMaker (MIF) filter for better segmentation and better text extraction
  • Added translation consistency checker as part of Transcheck in the PM plugin
  • Added ability to calculate internal fuzzy repetitions on analysis
  • Added Show/Hide 100% matches to PM plugin
  • Added Pseudo translation option in PM plugin
  • Added ability to export and import reviewable RTF from TXML in the PM plugin
  • Added ability to Split and Merge TXML files in the PM plugin
  • Added ability to swap source and target in a TXML in the PM plugin
  • Added feature for smart quotes in the Editor
  • Added automatic selection of 1st placeable in a source segment
  • Added update reminder that notifies user when there is a new version available to download
  • Added Catalan spellchecker dictionary
  • Improved InDesign segmentation and split/merge functionality when translating InDesign files
  • Added autosuggest option to suggest localized number formats according to target language
  • Increased size of terminology tooltip in the Editor
  • Added button to commit current segment without going to next segment
  • Added menu option to copy all segment placeables
  • Added shortcut to toggle between source and target, Shift+Tab
  • Added support for pre and post reform Portuguese spellcheck dictionaries
  • Changed auto propagation to occur only after segment commit action
  • Added new outline filters such as, “With Notes” “All except 100%”,  “Empty target”, “auto propagated” and “Unconfirmed segments”
  • Improved Transcheck functionality with updated error messages and support for multiple errors shown in popup for single segment
  • Changed auto propagation to be controlled by segment status, with ability for user to select which statuses should get auto propagated
  • Changed TM and Terminology buttons to be clearer
  • Added ability to run Transcheck on a batch of TXML files with HTML report in PM plugin
  • Added ability to modify analysis summary report to show fuzzy internal repetitions either in TM matches or in its own section
  • Added autosuggestion option for terminology which can be triggered by typing source or target term
  • Improved analysis summary report to be clearer
  • Added ability to delete multiple TMs and terminologies from lists in preferences
  • Added ability to delete placeables via backspace or delete buttons
  • Added button to quickly unselect multiple TMs in the analysis tab of PM plugin
  • Added option to copy all placeables for blank segments during pretranslation step of analysis in PM plugin
  • Added functionality for application to look for source file in either temp area OR original source location when saving translated file. This works in editor and PM plugin
  • TM location column has been added to TM list in PM plugin for cleanup and analysis
  • Added name input field when creating new filters in preferences
  • Added short cut for “Save Translated” action Ctrl+Alt+S
  • Added column in cleanup report for “not updated” for segments that are numbers only, empty targets or invalid segments


Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issue where DOC files that once had track changes on could not be analyzed
  • Fixed issue where doing a replace action would not set segment to modified 
  • All licensed versions now include all features. Demo mode has not changed
  • Autocomplete renamed to autosuggest
  • Fixed issue with terminology Transcheck that caused long terms to not be found
  • Fixed issue with fuzzy terminology switch
  • Fixed issue with blacklist terms that contains a space
  • Fixed issue where IDML files contained too many placeables
  • Fixed issue where some tags were not suppressed with regex in the XLS/XLSX filter wizard
  • Fixed issue where number only sources where not being copied over automatically with RTL languages
  • Fixed FrameMaker font mapping issues with CJK languages
  • Fixed analysis report to include date and time for single file analysis
  • Fixed issue with placeable Transcheck where missing placeables were not reported
  • Fixed remote TM issue where symbolic name was not auto filled when adding a TM
  • Fixed issue where autosuggestion was not populated when it was double clicked
  • Fixed issue where replace action was being interrupted by source matches
  • Fixed issue where if the TM lookup window was minimized, TM lookup button would not bring it back
  • Fixed issue where location in TM preferences was not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue where “TM will be disabled” warning would pop up but TMs are still enabled in preferences
  • Fixed issue that caused error when modifying the “Creator ID” in notes
  • Fixed issue for PPTX filter that caused certain text to appear white on a white background
  • Fixed issue where number only segments would not be saved with correct formatting
  • Fixed issue where wrap in find/replace was not working
  • Fixed issue with incremental search not working correctly
  • Fixed find/replace issue where “No String Match” popup could not be closed
  • Issue with cut, copy and paste showing up as available ever though clipboard is blank was fixed
  • Issue where 50-75% matching bands where not populated is now fixed
  • Fixed forbidden character pop up error where all forbidden characters were shown instead of forbidden characters used in the target
  • Fixed issue with IDML filter that was causing single words to be segmented
  • Fixed OSX issue where text highlighted by find/replace was unreadable
  • Fixed memory handling when opening large IDML files
  • Fixed issue causing some tables in a PPTX to appear blank in the translated file
  • Fixed issue with blacklist transcheck not catching blacklist term with punctuation after it
  • Fixed bug that cause citations in doc files to become corrupted
  • Fixed number extraction issue where numbers beginning with decimals were not extracted
  • Fixed refresh issue in Outline where when resizing pane, text would not display
  • Changed name for copy all sources in “Keys” section of preferences from “copy sources” to “copy all sources”



December 2011

New Features

  • Improved memory consumption, application speed and handling very large (+40,000 segment) TXML files
  • Hidden sheets in Excel are no longer pulled in for translation
  • Last segment edited in TXML can be accessed via Shift+F5 shortcut
  • Cleanup TM option in PM plugin is now sortable and includes additional TM information
  • Added Number Extraction compatibility for InDesign and FrameMaker files
  • Added better memory management to control heap size
  • Improved concordance searching to find better matches in larger TMs
  • Improved number handling during leveraging so that fuzzy number matching is ignored and only exact matches are leveraged if Replaceables is off
  • IDML filter now ignores kerning when pulling in translatable content to TXML, tracking is still maintained
  • Improved concordance searching to find better matches in larger TMs
  • Added Page Up/Page Down functionality with source is selected
  • Added font mapping for Bangla, Kartika, Guatami, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi
  • Shift+Spacebar shortcut has been unbound to prevent accidental leverage
  • Replaceables options can now be separately set
  • Removed apply changes from spellchecker and added expanded functionality of Change button and added Undo Edit button
  • 'Select All Columns' option added to Excel wizard
  • Increased size of add note description box
  • Expanded what WFP considers number to work with decimals, whitespaces and mathematical notation. This is changed for both Replaceables and number extraction
  • Placeables handling is now always {ut1}{ut2}{ut3}{ut4} in the editor and when writing to the TM
  • Updated Google Translate to support API v2, discontinued API v1, updated UI to support key
  • Machine Translation updated to stay enabled through all projects
  • All number only segments should not leverage fuzzy matches
  • Added support for Microsoft Translator via API key from MS. Added primary MT option
  • Added PPT/PPTX filter option to translate master slide
  • Language of objects in PPT and PPTX is now automatically set



Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issue where incorrect Message shown when last segment of document is reached
  • Fixed issue where you could not delete a file that was recently closed in the WFP editor
  • Fixed issue with confirm/unconfirm not working after a segment has been expanded
  • Fixed issue causing Google MT connection error to appear when Google MT is turned off in preferences when translating Hebrew language
  • Fixed issue concerning spaces in Japanese source causing inconsistent leverage score
  • INX file gives an empty segment error when analyzing but still ends up creating a txml that can be translated. TXML has an unexplained empty segment.
  • Fixed issue where Latin characters in files translated to Chinese had inconsistent fonts
  • Fixed display issue where TM lookup would be cut off when changing window size
  • Fixed issue where accessing remote TM from TM admin without admin password would not allow user to search remote TM
  • MIF filter issue: Fixed issue causing certain marker text to not be imported into TXML
  • Fixed issue that caused TU updated via TM admin to not appear as a 100% match
  • Fixed issue where Merge/Split action is caused all segment statuses to be reverted to edited
  • Fixed issue where no segmentation option could be selected
  • Fixed issue where opening certain blacklist file resulted in an error
  • Fixed issue where properties for XSL and DOC were using preferences for XSLX and DOCX
  • Fixed issue where track changes was causing certain DOC files to not open in Wordfast Pro
  • Fixed issue where Excel text from rectangle shapes is not pulled into the TXML
  • Fixed inconsistency between Editor and PM plugin alignment error
  • Fixed issue where PPT and PPTX filter ignore filter preferences when creating TXML from PM plugin
  • Fixed issue where slide numbers for PPT/PPTX file were being pulled in with notes
  • Fixed issues regarding whitespaces in CJK segmentation
  • Fixed issue where placeables that do not exist in source can be created in target
  • Fixed Find/Replace issue where F/R needed to be reopened to work with a different file
  • Fixed issue where N/A from the score column can be found using Find/Replace
  • “Tab” whitespace is now stored and retrieved from TM
  • Fixed issue that allowed for duplicate blacklist names
  • When trying to edit a note delete dialog would appear, this has been changed to “This segment doesn't contain a note.”
  • Fixed issue where analyses report results of 2 or more files would not show character percentage column
  • Mac OSX: fixed issue where user could not edit misspelled word
  • Fixed issue that made underline in word cause “Change all” option to skip it
  • Fixed issue where a change in only a note would not allow the file to be saved
  • Fixed issue where undo shrink would cause committed segment to have a edited status
  • Fixed behavior where a placeable that does not exist in the source can be pasted in the target
  • Fixed java issue where WFP could not be opened in OSX 10.5.8
  • Fixed issue where Translate until Fuzzy was not working as expected
  • Fixed Replace All issue where button should be disabled when it finds word from source
  • Fixed filter issue where tracked changes were being pulled into TXML even if track changes in DOC is off
  • Fixed issue blocking abbreviation modifications from being saved
  • Fixed issue where selecting existing project option invoked Create Project even if Project with same locale is present
  • Fixed PM plugin issue that caused analysis to disregard penalties
  • Fixed issue where number extraction was causing alignment issues when saving translated files in PM plugin
  • Fixed MIF filter issue that would cause certain French characters to be corrupted
  • Fixed issue where WFP was hanging when copying source on a large PDF file
  • Extract Frequents- Added warning for TXML files with 2 different locales
  • Fixed issue where changing certain formatting in Wordfast translated Excel file causes Excel to crash
  • Fixed shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Down (Term/Placeable copy) not copying term into target
  • Fixed issue that caused OSX shortcuts to fail
  • Fixed find replace issue that would cause the last found word to be permanently highlighted in the editor
  • Fixed error causing spellchecker updates to fail via update system
  • Fixed issue where Replace All button was not working when backward direction is checked
  • Fixed issue where Replace All button was not working when backward direction is checked
  • Fixed color issue in OSX version that blocked the change of colors
  • Fixed PM Plugin report issue where block numbers were shown instead of segment numbers in errors
  • Fixed PPTX filter issue where language font mapping was ignored when creating translated file
  • Fixed PM plugin and Editor TM lookup consistency issue
  • Fixed WFP handling of apostrophes from Google MT results
  • Fixed PPTX issue where if object in presentation did not have a language set, WFP would not create a TXML
  • Fixed Transcheck issue where Terminology check did not show results if run on entire file
  • Fixed issue blocking TMs from being selected in Pm plugin when running WFP in demo mode