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About Wordfast Pro
Getting started with Wordfast Pro
Using PM plug-in
TXML editor menu options
Managing projects
Translating in a project
    Opening a file
    Translating a file
    Saving and closing a file
    Finding and replacing content
    Enabling translation options
    Enabling Machine Translation
    Enabling Auto Propagation
    Enabling Auto-Suggest
    Leveraging repetitive content
    Working with TM
    Working with terminology
    Working with tags
    Editing source segment
    Using Transcheck
    Confirming or Unconfirming segments
    Using Outline window
    Viewing TXML Context
    Using notes
       Adding notes
       Editing notes
       Deleting notes
       Exporting notes
    Viewing segment changes
    Using shortcut icons
    Modifying colors and fonts
Working with advanced options
Troubleshooting errors
Working with Wordfast Aligner
TM Administration perspective