Wordfast Releases Wordfast Pro 5.0

New York & Paris, April 20, 2017

Wordfast LLC, the world’s #1 provider of platform-independent translation memory technology, releases an major update to their standalone TM tool Wordfast Pro. This new release – Wordfast Pro 5.0 – includes an improved user interface, several under-the-hood performance improvements, and other features.

Download the latest version today from our download page.

New Features & Improvements
• Updated and New UI that improves space and looks great.
Greatly improved performance when translating files.
Improved speed of sending and receiving results from remote glossaries.
Best TM match will now overwrite lower TM matches automatically.
Updated Preferences layout to make preferences easier to find and see.
Moved Auto-propagation, Text tools, and Machine Translation to be application level preferences.
You can now set your username in the preferences that are used when writing to TM and Glossary.
Updated Google Machine translation to support Premium Edition.
Updated Microsoft Machine translation to support Azure Portal service.
Moved Smart Quotes preferences from being project specific to application wide.
Updated support for several OSX shortcuts. Please see shortcuts section of Help for an updated list.
PDF preview now supports PPTX source format.
Added ability to show a translated preview of HTML content.
Added ability to show a translated preview of office files in PDF format.
Added a default JSON filter instead of defining a text based format filter.
Added ability to create a project from multiple TXLF files with language detection.
You can now run Analysis in Quicktools without using a TM.
Quicktools Pseudotranslation now remembers previous settings.
File language is now automatically detected when adding TXLF files to WFP5.
You can now cleanup files in a project without having to create translated files.
Leveraging a segment using the “Leverage” in the editor now overwrites the target. Automatic leverage does not do this.
Transcheck report now has the option to toggle highlights for Terminology Check.
Added option to toggle MT autosuggestions.
Added spellcheck dictionaries for Malay, Indonesian, Bahasa, and Japanese which can be downloaded via Updates.
Added the score column to bilingual tables.
Enter button can now be set to navigate in between segment via the shortcuts.
Office previews for XLS file are now in landscape view.
All TXLF files added to a project now go directly into the “TXLF” folder.
Segments that are locked in SDLX files are now locked in WFP5 as well.
Verifying a segment triggers it being written to TM immediately.
Increased hitbox area for Verify segment action in the Editor.
Name of export bilingual files now matches the name of the source files in Quicktools.
TM lookup info popup now wraps text.
Clarified messages for completion of analysis.
All warning and error messages can now be copied.
Changed messages regarding Demo mode throughout app.
Change icon size to be medium by default.
Fixed Issues
Fixed issue with curly quotes causing false positives during spellchecking.
Fixed issue with spellcheck Transcheck which caused Transcheck to fail if language dictionaries were not available.
Fixed issue where clicking on the source did not put cursor exactly where you clicked.
Fixed issue where Auto-Suggestion was not working on the 1st word of a segment.
Fixed issue where is one TM connection is unavailable TM Analyze would fail.
Fixed false positives generated by parenthesis in the Transcheck Punctuation check.
Fixed issue that caused spaces to be missing for some Microsoft MT results.
Fixed issue causing Wordfast Pro to quit unexpectedly on Mac OSX
Fixed issue with the consistency check where not all source repetitions were appearing in the Consistency report.
Fixed issues where excessive whitespaces were shown in the TXLF file which caused them to be removed from the target file.
Fixed issue where if an unsupported file type was added to WFP, the user would be blocked from deleting it from the OS if WFP was still open.
Fixed issues where the columns throughout the app would not be aligned properly.
Fixed issue where bilingual exports where not being displayed in a continuous table.
Fixed issue that caused the Transcheck Report to be missing the Paragraph length check.
Fixed multiple display issues that appeared while using the app on a Microsoft Surface.
Fixed Term Highlighting issues that caused highlight to overflow into the different columns.
Fixed several window resizing issue throughout the app.
Fixed issue where cursor disappears sometimes with Japanese and Korean target languages.
Fixed issue that caused the location of reports to be based on the location of the previous project.
Fixed issue that caused SDLX modified segments to never appear in the Segment Changes report due to an invalid segment status.
Fixed OSX specific issue that caused some popup dialogs to not be able to scroll.
Fixed issue where auto-propagation was adding “n” tags to certain segments.
Fixed issues with Google MT results having too many extra spaces.
Fixed issue related to copy action not working using a Hebrew keyboard.
Fixed issue with bullets being saved as spaces in some filetypes.
Fixed OSX specific issue where accented characters in filename caused target files to not be created.