Wordfast Anywhere (WFA) is a FREE online translation memory tool that allows translators to work on projects from anywhere they have a web browser. All data is stored in a private, password protected workspace on Wordfast's centralized server and can be accessed from virtually any web-enabled device, including desktops, laptops, PDAs, smartphones and tablets. Because WFA is browser-based, it deploys instantly without the need to install any software.

Wordfast Pro (WFP) is a standalone, platform-independent translation memory tool designed for individual translators as well as LSPs and corporations. WFP runs on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac & Linux), offers a WYSIWYG editor, and allows for high-speed batch processing of files in addition to the creation of project packages for seamless translation management. WFP can handle virtually any file format including MS Office files, html, xml, InDesign and FrameMaker.

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Wordfast Classic (WFC) is an MS Word-based translation memory tool designed primarily for individual translators working only on MS Word documents. Translators work on projects directly inside of the MS Word interface without the need to run any other additional applications or extensions. WFC runs on both PC and Mac versions of MS Word.

Wordfast Server (WFS) is an enterprise translation software solution that allows LSPs and corporations to store their TMs on a centralized server and share them with translators located anywhere in the world. Translators using Wordfast Classic, Wordfast Pro or Wordfast Anywhere will be able to leverage centralized translation memories in real time over the internet or LAN, giving them access to the most up-to-date translated content.