All the data maintained by Wordfast LLC on your behalf is kept strictly confidential. Wordfast LLC will not reuse, sell, reveal, distribute or in any way disclose the data you entrust in our servers. We mean all data: documents, translation memories, glossaries, personal information, etc. Documents or accounts that are deleted by you are permanently and irretrievably erased. 

Email addresses are used only for rare technical communications concerning our service. They are not disclosed or communicated to any third party interest. We adamantly oppose spam. Note that if you lose or forget your password, it can be changed by clicking on the forgot password link. An email will be sent to the email address you provided.


Please whitelist wordfast.net, wordfast.com and freetm.com in your email application to make sure you receive all notifications.

Policy Changes

Terms are subject to change. However, major policy changes that may affect your work will be published at www.wordfast.com, www.wordfast.net, and to our Wordfast Anywhere Yahoo! mailing list. Please see our privacy policy for how we treat your data and personal information.